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Cris Urena: Diary of a NY Fashion Week Model

Crish Urena

Get to know Cris Urena from New York Models as she preps to walk the New York Fashion Week runways. All fashion week long she'll be giving us an exclusive insider's look at at the top designer shows from a model's vantage point in her daily NYFW diary.

Cris Urena



Age: 19 years

Hometown: Worcester, MA / Dominican Republic

Known for: My outgoing, witty, free spirit personality

If I weren’t modeling: I would be continuing my degree in nursing and working at a Pediatric hospital

3 Things I can’t live without: Cellphone, lip balm, food

I most want to meet: Adele, she has an incredible voice and I love her music

My secret talent: If I tell it wouldn’t be a secret anymore… wink

My dream modeling job: is Victoria’s Secret, which I’ve accomplished! I would love to work for Tom Ford…

On my iPod: Salsa / tropical to Adele to Dancing music

On my night stand: Clock, iPhone, Tocca candle

In my handbag: iPod, journal, hand sanitizer

Blackberry or iPhone:  iPhone