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Nikole Luna: Diary of a NY Fashion Week Model

Get to know Nikole Luna from New York Models as she preps to walk the New York Fashion Week runways. All fashion week long she'll be giving us an exclusive insider's look at at the top designer shows from a model's vantage point in her daily NYFW diary.

Nikole Luna


Name: Nikole Luna

Age: 17

Hometown: The capital city of Latvia and the native land of "Christmas Tree" — Riga.

Known for: If you heard about me, or saw me somewhere, you already know the answer.

If I weren’t modeling: Tricky question. Modeling is my destiny, my fate, my dream, and my life mix of inspiration and passion! I can't say that modeling is the only thing that makes me happy and gives me reason to move forward… Music, especially piano, is what makes me feel comfortable when I'm resting at home, far away from my "model's life." I always do my best, doesn't matter what I do, now it's modeling but it also could be studying at school, university. It could be my piano lessons or maybe I would transfer blogging into something more serious than just a hobby. But, I'm model. I'm proud and happy about that, and I'm not planning to change my priorities in the near future.

Three things I can’t live without: Breathing, eating, drinking… However, I must admit, that my life would be quite "dead" without my Blackberry. The life without dreams and aims is not life at all, so having them is important for me. And of course, my life would be pointless without people who I love, people who are making my life meaningful by filling it with love and care.

My secret talent is: Secret. I think my secret talent is secret for me too and is not revealed yet — I'm not upset about that, I have plenty of time, the best part of my life is knocking at the door.

My dream modeling job: A perfume video campaign.

On my nightstand: I have jewelry I wear all the time except at castings, some perfume and lip balm, a bottle of water or two…

In my handbag: I always have antiseptic hand rub, purse, Blackberry, lip balm, iPod, and a small mirror.

Blackberry or iPhone? I do have a Blackberry right now but I'm just waiting for iPhone 5… it's my lucky number.