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Fenton Spring 2012 Runway Review

This season, designer Dana Lorenz presented her Fenton collection against the pristine backdrop of The Four Seasons Restaurant. The Spring 2012 collection was inspired by Cecily Brown paintings and more specifically, Lorenz revealed to Vogue when the glossy got a sneak peek, by “the abstract flourishes of Brown’s painting Night Passage,” which brought to mind “the hues and undulating curves of Miami’s Art Deco architecture,” resulting in many of the shapes and colors seen in the statement pieces on display.

All seven of the models were dressed in head-to-toe white, had their hair pulled back, and their faces finished with muted pale-pale makeup and nude lips allowing the gorgeous statement pieces to take center stage.

It's no easy feat to make jewelry of this size look tasteful, especially if you're outfitting a model with earrings, bracelets, and/or multiple necklaces, but as a testament to Lorenz's talent, not only did every single one of the pieces stun, but  the diminutive-sized models could pull them off without looking as though the jewelry was wearing them.

The art deco inspiration was clear in the hues chosen by the designer, which included playfully light shades of pink, turquoise, green, and yellow, but combined with the angular shapes — also Miami Beach signatures — and unique touches like silk rope with 24K gold plated crystals and pearls, fringe, coated glass, and feathers, they felt edgy and wholly unique. Showcasing the collection in this way was an incredibly savvy move on Lorenz's part because seen photographed against a white backdrop, many women might assume they could never pull off such bold designs, but seeing them on the models is proof positive that they're exquisitely wearable and could stand up next to any of the Cartier, Tiffany, and Harry Winston six-figure pieces the diners at The Four Seasons Restaurant were sporting on the day of the presentation. Plus, who wants a run-of-the-mill diamond necklace when you can a true work of art?