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NYFW Spring 2012 Hits and Misses: Part 1 (Forum Buzz)

Imitation of Christ Spring 2012

The Fashion Spot forum members don’t hold back when it comes to giving their opinions on all the looks currently populating the New York Fashion Week runways. Below are some of their hits and misses from the shows thus far.
NYFW Hits - forum buzz - The Row, Jason Wu, Imitation of Christ

The hits: The Row, Jason Wu, Imitation of Christ
“I can't quite believe how far The Row has come since it first started out as simply a t-shirt line, this collection is so beautiful.” [Amywilliams]
“I love how reminiscent of the ocean it all is. The long fluid silhouettes remind me of jellyfish, the details on one of the dresses are like foam and the buttons that embellish many of the pieces look like shells… It's such an exquisite collection and the attention to details is wonderful.” [Thefrenchy]
Vera Wang better be worried. The Row's slowly replacing her as the dignified, carefully crafted tribute of 2-3 seasons old Parisian collections. I am definitely impressed by their efforts (God knows I never found the point of this line or the appeal in these girls), and this will look stunning on people of all ages (which is another effort worth noting!). It is a very literal collage though, of Céline, Matohu, Vera Wang herself, Oscar de la Renta. It's the work of a fan instead of a creator, and I think that if you're going to put so much effort and attention to each look (which they clearly have) and take the line to ambitious distances, you better put some creativity and soul in it too. It's the only thing that's missing here.” [MulletProof]
“Really wonderful collection. Beautiful color palette, elegant shapes, soft fabrics and amazing shoes. I'm in love.” [Marc10]
“So elegant and chic. I love every single outfit of this collection. Beyond amazing color palette, patterns, killer shoes, amazing details and the jewelry is to die for. I'm really in love with this collection.” [FakeFlower]
“Wonderful collection yet again from him, he’s quickly becoming this generation’s Oscar de la Renta. His cocktail dresses are right on point, so chic but not stuffy with a touch of whimsy. The last few looks are phenomenal; stylists are probably already fighting over the white and pink gown and the chartreuse strapless gown.” [Melly5525]
“I love it. Each one of these pieces is an attention-grabber. I'm not keen on most of the appliqué and patchwork stuff but without it works for me.” [lucy92]
“I think the cute presentation worked very well here. The clothes aren't groundbreaking but beautiful and the adorable presentation didn't overshadow the collection itself. Really lovely. I'd wear every single one of those dresses.” [Psylocke]
“There are so many wearable and yet dreamy dresses here. Forget the aisle; send me back to a romantic time and I will don every one as a free bird (like, hmmm, during the Gatsby era?). Actually, forget that. I will wear them now, any day, anywhere. Well done! Rebirths are almost always good.” [Not Plain Jane]
NYFW Misses - Forum Buzz - Rag & Bone, Prabal Gurung, Richard Chai Love

The Misses: Rag & Bone, Prabal Gurung, Richard Chai Love
“Rag & Bone has been steadily going downhill as a brand for me. This looks all over the place, and 'messy,' as others have said. The line works best when it's masculine with an edge and this looks like they're trying too hard to be cool. It's possible that there are some great individual pieces under all that bad styling, guess we'll have to wait and see.” [kimair]
“Bohemian raver?? It's not processing with me. I much prefer their more urban outdoorsy sensibility… with their usually more organic neutral palette.” [Scott]
“It all went downhill when [Rag & Bone] tried to be quirky. The fluorescence reminds me more of [Luella’s Spring 2004 collection] rather than Balenciaga or even nightlife. This formula in the mood/palette seems to be recurring of fashion designers when they're getting some buzz, and sometimes they continue to repeat it because it always appears in magazines (Proenza [Schouler is one example]). I was actually thinking that the simple clothes aren't so bad… but then you look at the video and they have such an awkward movement to them… you can tell the attention's gone to gimmicks full time and it isn't even about conserving their gift with street classics anymore.” [MulletProof]
“I hated the cluttered and confusing styling. It was difficult to focus on individual pieces when the clothes were all over the place. The collection was a strange hybrid of surfer chic/sportswear madness desperately trying to achieve casualty. What happened to Rag & Bone's simplicity?” [Elfinkova]
“What I think is lacking in this collection is a woman's eye. You can tell that this collection is designed by a man. The clothes are ornamental and sometimes bordering on the vulgar and will not look good on a woman. When the pieces in this collection are broken down, how will they work and complement a woman's wardrobe? The collection needed less statement pieces and more staples like a great pant, a comfy knit, tops in fabrics that will function and are not too delicate.” [coldlunch]
“I have two words to describe Prabal Gurung and his collections: overrated and tacky.
This collection was no better in my eyes, starting from the cheap looking shiny fabrics to the feathers, sequins and busy prints. Also I found it to be rather boring since I noticed only four colors throughout the whole collection.” [dodencebt]
“The color combination plus the cut outs make it look harsh and tacky to me. The dresses without cutouts look better but I'm not a fan of the overall styling with the make-up and the hair. It lacks sophistication and lightness.” [RedandNavy
“I just can't find anything nice about this collection. Horrible prints and cuts + bad styling combined with ugly makeup. Biggest miss to me so far.” [FakeFlower]
“I think there are some gorgeous prints here, but there is a jumble overall – stripes, ditzy florals, tonals, sheer bits, large florals, military, etc. Just too much variety to create a ‘collection’ feeling. Incoherent but with potential?” [Not Plain Jane]
“Menswear, perfect. Women’s wear, leaving a lot to be desired.” [Purplethistle]

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