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You often hear that someone is on the “horns of a dilemma”; in the case of the Folie à Deux handbag from Rich-in-Craft, a.k.a. the Los Angeles based design team of Tiffani Anne Williams and Parker Todd Brooks, the dilemma in question is which of the (exceedingly limited) edition bags you want to try to get your hands on.  Not for the cachet of the “exclusive”, the ‘It bag’ after all is considered to be on the decline, but for the perfect juxtaposition of hard and soft that the bag represents.

Soft appears in the guise of the wool bag lined in silk and hand sewn by local artisans.  The hard quotient is taken care of by the antler shaped handle custom-molded by the designers themselves.  Each bag is then enthroned upon a silk pillow and encased in a handmade, cloth-covered box.  It’s luxury, but the kind of luxury that you can envision using on an everyday basis.

As the first in a series of projects designed to bring together art and functionality it will be interesting to see what Rich-in-Craft has in store for us next.

Enquiries regarding the Folie à Deux bag should be directed to Rich-in-Craft via their website,