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Carolina Herrera Spring 2012 Runway Review

There are few things in fashion week that are as reliable as Carolina Herrera and her crisp white shirt. The designer, who arguably has the most expensive selling prices in fashion week, has a client base that is rock solid and incredibly loyal. Because of this, she can afford to show whatever she pleases and this season is was rare birds, florals, and incredible cocktail wear. It was a more playful collection from the designer that featured patent leather panels, beaded embellishments, and bright spring colors.

Vintage Bakelite bangles inspired her palette of yellow, green, blue, red, and white, and her staple designs such as the shirtdress were modernized and updated with interesting design details. Even with these more playful elements, nothing was finicky or overwrought in the collection. The most startling thing about the Carolina Herrera show wasn’t on the runway, but instead in the front row. Nestled between Anna Wintour and Stefano Tonchi sat Nicki Minaj in all her big haired, pom-pom covered glory. Herrrera noted backstage that making things look simple can be one of the hardest things to do and she definitely succeeded in making her spring collection look simple, effortless, and wonderfully chic. Minaj could take a note or two in simplicity.