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NYFW Spring 2012 Hits and Misses: Part 3 (Forum Buzz)

Theyskens' Theory Spring 2012 NYFW

As the madness that is New York Fashion Week comes to a close, forum members express opinions on their final hits and misses.
NYFW Spring 2012 Hits: Narciso Rodriguez, Theyskens' Theory, Chado Ralph Rucci

The Hits: Narciso Rodriguez, Theyskens’ Theory, Chado Ralph Rucci


“I'm so pleasantly surprised by this collection. It's better than anything he's ever done before, in my opinion. I love the cut outs and the sheer parts. I normally don't like his use of color but it looks really nice here.” [Psylocke]
“I thought it was a gorgeous collection. The silhouettes were very fluid and he handled asymmetric cuts in a way that I found very interesting and sharp. And those slashes of print and sheer were rad but in a controlled and elegant manner. The hairstyle was a bit of a turn-off initially but at the end of the presentation it made sense to me, with color scheme used in this show. I think he got it right this time.” [WilhelmF]
“I adore this collection. I can honestly and finally say that I'm looking at something crisp and new… it really feels good to look at this. Innovation, while absent here, is not what I necessarily look for in a collection… such a fresh collection! Such great movement and usage of color! [TianCouture]
“The metallic pants, the jackets, the blouses, the gowns, the short… it’s all divine. Everything is so effortless and youthful. I seriously just wanna put one of these looks on and hit the streets.” [LagerfeldBoy]
“I really like this. Olivier has done such a good job of treading the line between Theory's commerciality and his own creativity. It's not perfect, there are a couple of looks that I think could have been nixed, but overall it's a good collection.” [hautechild]
“The photos do not do the collection justice. It's brilliant in motion. You get the full experience of the flow of each piece along with the texture of the fabrics. Olivier achieved what he had set out to accomplish, not designing total looks, but focus on each individual garment and put them together like the modern woman of today. The finale is spectacular. Understated and restrained, with Classic Olivier silhouette and drama, but refined for Theory. [Ives927]
“[Ralph Rucci’s] clothes are so wonderfully constructed and detailed I just want to touch all of them. Ralph always sticks to his guns and he always makes fantastic clothes that his clients want to wear. It’s not hip like [Alexander] Wang or Altuzurra, but he isn't concerned with that. He is a master in his field.” [masquerade]
“God, it's so airy and luxurious. It's REALLY good to see someone still doing something more mature and aimed at WOMEN, not girls. And I love how these clothes demand personality; they're not generic at all. They're full of confidence and charisma.” [Squizree]
“Ralph Rucci never fails!!!!!! The collection is amazing. I think the things he does with fabric are just genius. He is a true artist. The prints and the laser cut patterns in the fabric were just divine. He is so minimal in the design of the garments but the details are what give the garments the extra kick. I am beyond impressed.” [Chris_Couture05]
NYFW Spring 2012 Forum Misses - Vera Wang, Rodarte, Michael Kors

The Misses: Vera Wang, Rodarte, Michael Kors


“I can't appreciate these paper-thin looking fabrics at all. And the shapes are way too try-hard looking. No thank you.” [HeatherAnne]
“It looks extremely forced. Vera Wang  should stick to romance and charm, because she's one hell of a good designer at it. This is too obvious that it's an attempt to 'try something new.'” [Squizree]
“I'm a bit disappointed, I used to like Vera Wang collections but… I can't focus my attention on clothes. The first thing I noticed was that the shoes don't match… for me they are too 'heavy.'” [BibiRose]
“This is the worst collection I've seen from [Rodarte] bar none. It's so grotesque… the dresses are cheesy and what is with the frilly 80s prom dresses ? I am so beginning to lose my attraction to their work.” [Scott]
“Is this the new Rodarte? They dumped the romantic knits and drapes for frumpy grandma's tablecloths and curtains? They used to have a forward thinking approach to design with futurism in mind, but now, I feel as though they are going backwards.” [Ives927]
“I really dislike the color palette. Everything looks so heavy and frumpy, absolutely not what I want to see in a Spring collection. The collection lacks that whimsical and mystical feel that I usually love about Rodarte. This is a huge disappointment.” [Psylocke]
“In the battle of tribal collections this week, Donna Karan vs. Michael Kors, I have to say Donna outdid him – much of which I attribute to her classy prints versus the use of tacky animal prints. Also, that python trench is a straight ripoff of last season's Prada.” [HeatherAnne]
“I found this collection so disappointing, i was shocked how cheap and tacky the clothes looked at times.” [liberty33r1b]
“Such a mess, it's not even funny. Kors is a perfect example of hit and miss.” [|PerfectTonight|]
“I'm usually all up for some safari/animal print collection. But surprisingly this isn't too good and the full-on animal prints are the pieces I dislike the most. Amongst the other stuff, there are actual pieces that I am sure I have seen, almost exact, in some of his other collections.” [Northern Star]