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London Fashion Week Spring 2012 Hits and Misses (Forum Buzz)

Peter Pilotto Spring 2012 LFW

London Fashion Week hit us with a storm of vibrant colors, prints and florals, and as usual some showings were more successful than others. Here are some of the forum members’ picks for the best and the worst in show.
London Fashion Week Spring 2012 Forum Hits

The Hits: Erdem, Matthew Williamson, Peter Pilotto


“Beautiful as always. Erdem is becoming one of THE highlights of Fashion Week for me. He always delivers. He's like a second Alber Elbaz, making gorgeous dresses that make women look and feel pretty season after season. Nothing crazy or groundbreaking, just beautiful and wearable dresses. I love this.” [Psylocke]
“Whimsical, like taking a stroll through the English countryside. Florals aren't usually my thing, but he has such a knack for winning me over with the prints he chooses and the way he brings them together season after season. Super lovely.” [HeatherAnne]
“There are pieces in this I really love. It is all really pretty and yes, admittedly not cutting edge but not everything has to be. I like the lace and the prints.” [littlepaperstars]
“Oh wow! This is fabulous! I have never really been a fan of Williamson's boho-disco vibe. And that's why I love this collection. He still has his trademark prints and ease of cut, but this is so much more hip and yet still pulled-together. I love it, I love the colors and many of the styles: tunics, shirt-dresses, tight printed trousers. Cool!” [Not Plain Jane]
“I really really like this. Such vibrant colors, such fun prints, such flattering cuts. Everything looks so confident, yet so easy. One of the best Spring 2012 collections so far, definitely.” [RedandNavy]
“He's doing Spring/Summer like nobody else, I love this!! The colors, the fluid silhouettes, the feathers… Really gorgeous.” [Wolkfolk]
“Great collection from Peter Pilotto – I've loved their use of prints in the past couple of seasons and they seem to make truly flattering shapes for many of their clothes. Even though it's not anything especially new in terms of design or print, it still feels fresh.” [Meg]
“Great collection. Peter Pilotto really can do eye-catching work! Love the patterns and colorful combinations. Some shapes are bit science fiction, but they still look very sexy and feminine.” [fincher]
“This is what I’ve been missing from Fashion Week! I’m in love with this collection, the colors and prints are to die for.” [ScarlettLover]
London Fashion Week Spring 2012 Misses - forum buzz

The Misses: Julien MacDonald, Mulberry, Acne


“Copycat.” [Tequila Moon]
“Blatant Balenciaga and Givenchy rip offs, not even subtle, seriously?!” [mteb123]
“I liked last season's collection much better than this one. I don't dislike the Balenciaga references, but they are a bit too blatant for someone as established as he is, and then it progressed and I saw the other designers referenced and I was just done, he did not bother to marry the references in a significant way to his own signatures: Goth, knits and skank, I just don't get it.” [agee]
“I have three words on my mind: no, no and no. The colors don't match, the hairstyle looks chavvy, the makeup does too, and there is a certain cuteness and adorability lacking [that] I expect from this brand.” [thejarc]
“Last season was so much better. I try to look for the good, I really do, but this collection is messy, from the styling to the styles themselves. Boo-hoo. Oh well, there is always the bags.” [Not Plain Jane]
“Complete mess.” [sobriquet87]
“This isn't cool anymore, this is simply unflattering. I like some of the colors but cannot imagine that these pieces will look good on anyone. They don't even look good on models. I hope we will soon move away from oversizing and stiffness again.” [RedandNavy]
“Really disappointed with this collection. I have so much of their stuff, I'm always excited to see what’s next, but this just isn't flattering. I couldn't/wouldn't wear most of it.” [littlepaperstars]
“This is just all over the place… Non-fitted clothing can look good a lot of times, but this is too much of it on one person! The color palette is so gorgeous but the cuts are just a waste of fabric.” [FakeFlower]