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Bottega Veneta Spring 2012 Runway Review

Bottega Veneta is a part of a new tribe of luxury brand. Being only 45 years old, it doesn’t have the rooted heritage of some of the other Italian brands and because of this, designer Tomas Maier works to product interesting, wearable looks every season rather than just once in a while. He doesn’t rely on gimmicks or runway stunts, instead he takes what his customer expects – well crafted and highly detailed ready-to-wear – and injects it with new inspiration and impeccable style every season. Urban ethnicity was Maier’s starting point with this collection; an inspiration he chose to execute through texture and movement. The palette included burnt oranges and vibrant purples with splashes of green and blue.

Maier is one of the designers that has adopted the notion of making luxury ready-to-wear look slightly hand made. His customers expect luxury and he provides it with a hint of undone glamour. Natural fabrics were paired with synthetic as everything from soft chiffon and georgette were seen alongside PVC and distressed denim. It was this odd juxtaposition of textures that made this collection one of the most modern and wearable we’ve seen this season. The Bottega Veneta woman, while still undeniable elegant, was given a more youthful, streetwear-inspired look for spring. With New York’s young army of designers pumping out elegant ready-to-wear for the thirty-something market, it’s about time the more established European brands caught up.