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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2012 Hits and Misses: Part 2 (Forum Buzz)

Chloe Spring 2012

Fashion month has finally come to a close, and there was lots of good, bad, great and ugly on the runways. Below, Fashion Spot forum members review the collections they singled out as some of the best and worst in Paris this season. Click here for Part 1 of their Paris selections.
Paris Fashion Week Spring 2012 Hits: Chloe, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent

The Hits: Chloé, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent


“This was such a gorgeous collection, the first Chloé collection I've liked in a while. Stunning colors and I love the flowiness of it all. Clare [Waight Keller is] off to a very good start in my book!” [sill]
“Brilliant resurrection of quintessential Chloé at it's best, bravo Clare! The bags and shoes could use some work, but I really have nothing to complain about, as it's definitely one of the best shows of the season for me. Those striped pieces are divine, as is the whole color palette.” [HeatherAnne]
“I am so proud of Clare Waight Keller; she has snatched Chloé from Hannah MacGibbon's limp grip and brought the house back to what I have always associated with its name – relaxed, carefree femininity.” [Crying Diamonds]
“I really like this collection and the simplicity of it. It was a good time to move away from those prints and start fresh.” [Salvatore]
“Really, really good collection, I think. There's something about it that reminds me of early-aughts Helmut Lang, though definitely seen through Riccardo Tisci's own sensibility. While it's not as statement making as fall (of which my opinion spun a full 180 degrees) there are some really beautiful pieces on display… I also really like that there are hints of the classical couture shapes that have been popping up everywhere, but it doesn't look at all retro or burdened by references to the past.” [Spike413]
“A beautiful, elegant and very Parisian collection. Everything is perfect. The details are so beautiful; looks like he took a lot from his own archives at Givenchy (haute couture collections particularly). And on another note: this collection completely negates the most recent things he has done for Givenchy. This is so beautiful, those panther/printed items look stale already. I pity the woman who bought into that ridiculous trendiness!” [helmut.newton]
“Great collection . . . Stefano Pilati has managed to transcend a level of sophistication unlike any other in Paris thus far. Great to see him so on form, especially following the recent distasteful rumors about him leaving YSL.” [Alexei]
“I'm obsessed with the shoes and can't stop looking at them.” [liberty33r1b]
“Very chic: rich jewel-toned colours, cool ‘scarf’ tops, nice hip belts (more of these… trend alert). Elegant collection, very YSL.” [Not Plain Jane]
Paris Fashion Week Spring 2012 Misses - Kenzo, John Galliano, Sophia Kokosalaki

The Misses: Kenzo, John Galliano, Sophia Kokosalaki


“I wish [Antonio] Marras was still at the house… his collections felt like Kenzo. This, however, does not have any feeling at all. It's not even interesting, in my opinion.” [VogueParisLover]
“This looks messy, at best. There are also no interesting patterns or details, nothing exciting… what a boring collection.” [liberty33r1b]
“This is just not Kenzo. It is fine and dandy to modernize a house, but you don't have to tear it down first!! That dang swirl print is so overused and the birds? ANYhow… Hoping for better next time.” [Not Plain Jane]
“Jesus another hipster line courtesy of Opening Ceremony. My heart weeps.” [educo]
“This is so bad, it doesn't feel like Galliano at all, they should really just shut the house down – its existence without John makes no sense.” [mistress_f]
“What a strange collection. It starts off all very staid and straight laced and then there is a selection of what could only be called sheer, fancy nightgowns. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me and it isn't very original, and not much good either.” [Northern Star]
“I cannot fathom how someone, how a whole team of someones I presume, who worked so closely with Galliano for any significant length of time could come out of it having absorbed so little of his genius and skill. The eye for detail, for fit, for shape, for color… it's all so severely lacking.” [Spike413]
“I'm shocked, but not in a good way, unfortunately.” [Petit Lucille]
“Much of the draping looks very poorly made. As if I had made it in my sewing class.” [RedandNavy]
“I'm glad to see Sophia is back with her line but I can't say I'm a big fan of the collection itself. It looks unflattering and a little bit amateur-ish.” [Melancholybaby]
“I adore Sophia but this feels very weak. The drape is more 'strange' than 'interesting.'” [Crying Diamonds]

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