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The (It) Girl Next Door: An Interview with Dani Stahl

When I mentioned I was interviewing Dani Stahl over drinks with some girlfriends last week, the table’s collective reaction was, “I love her!” Stahl, Designer for Lia Sophia and Nylon’s Style Editor-at-Large, is the girl crush of nearly every editor, publicist, and designer I know. She evokes that type of downtown cool that seems (almost) attainable, but with a solid resume and social calendar to back it up.

Next week, she joins Michael Flutie, Beri Smither, and Julia Samersova to form a model-making dream team in E!’s Scouted. Dani and I caught up recently to reconnect, recollect, and talk about her next big move.

Beri, Julia and Dani Stahl from Scouted

Beri Smither, Julia Samersova, and Dani from the set of Scouted

Julie Bensman: Tell me about the show and how you became involved?


Dani Stahl: I’ve known and worked with Michael [Flutie] for years and knew he had been cooking up this concept. Michael manages me and I trust him implicitly. Scouted is his brainchild and it was a project that just felt right to me. I think it has the makings to be a huge hit.

JB: Your official title on Scouted is Image and Style Consultant– what does that mean exactly?

DS: I’m the fashion component to the show. With my multi-faceted experience, I think my vision of what is happening in fashion right now is really relevant. It utilizes my experience in the industry and brings it to life with the most phenomenal cast. When Michael, Beri, Julia and I got together, there was this synergy. A light came on for me and that’s when I really got invested in the project. I was fascinated at how emotionally involved I became throughout the process. We were filming this thing and it was 24/7, 6 days/week, 15 hour days – so for a month, that’s your whole world. I didn’t realize the intensity of that.

Dani and Beri

JB: Earlier this year, you switched titles from Nylon’s Style Editor to Style Editor-at-Large, saying you wanted to pursue other projects. Are you interested in doing more television?

DS: The TV thing is a natural progression for me. I’ve been at Nylon for over a decade and it will always be part of my DNA, but I wanted to focus on more projects like this. In addition to the show, I’ve freelanced for brands like Levi’s, Bluefly, and J Brand this year. Should the show take off and resonate with people, I would absolutely love to do more television.

JB: What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received?

DS: Fashion is about confidence – you will look best if you feel your best. Oh, and never forget that fashion is fun. Fashion. Is. Fun.

JB: Who are some of your favorite designers?

DS: I’m looking around my room right now, let’s see…I have the new Versace for H&M leather studded jacket that opened the show; a one of a kind Charlotte Ronson leather top that’s the coolest thing I own; a Miu Miu dress — I love Miu Miu; a Burberry jacket; a Y3 coat; and Yigal Azrouel pants.

(Editor’s note: Check out Dani’s latest Bluefly closet confession to see more of the amazingness that is her closet)

Scouted premieres Monday, November 28th at 10:00pm ET/PT only on E!