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All Wrapped Up In the House of Waris

Waris Ahluwalia

Waris AhluwaliaIt's no wonder that celebrities like Rihanna and Chloe Sevigny are loving the House of Waris. Designer Waris Ahluwalia's launch of high-end Unisex Scarves has been all the rage with his most recent Fall 2012 Collection. With the amazing craftmanship and luxury fabrics used in the line, Waris is definitely making waves in the fashion industry. Found in some of the most prestigious of stores, Waris' goods can be found at places like Barneys New York,, and at The Webster in Miami. Nonetheless, Waris isn't just about gorgeous scarves. His jewelry pieces are on the hot list as well. I was fortunate enough to have a short chat with Waris about his inspiration for the brand and his design aesthetic. 

The Fashion Spot: Tell me about your true aesthetic and how you incorporate it into your designs.

Waris Ahluwalia: First and foremost, I'm a storyteller. That's all I'm doing. Telling stories. Sometimes in gold, sometimes in film, and now in cashmere. Storyteller and explorer — that's what I am. My inspiration has always been love and history. But we must be clear, I never claim to understand either of those two. This is my search for a better understanding. My aesthetic stems from that search.

tFS: What are you hoping to achieve with your collections?

WA: I just want to add to a little bit of magic and romance to the everyday. Simple.

tFS: We've all heard about the great success of your scarves. Can you tell me about what else you have going on… like your jewelry line?

WA: Yes, we just launched scarves which I'm very excited about. The cashmere is handloomed, the silk is hand batiked, and the silk cotton block printed by hand. Like the jewelry, it's about the craftsmen. It's about the technique. It's about the consideration given to each piece that comes out with the HOUSE of WARIS tag — careful thought from creation to delivery. Designs for today and forever made using techniques that are centuries old. I think we'll work on scarves for a while before introducing another category. One step at a time. There's no rush.

Portrait Photo Credit to Austin Irving; Other Photo Credits to Banzai!, NY and; Special Thanks to Lauren Sauma.