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Manitobah Mukluks Pow Wows at a Canadian Event

Manitobah Mukluks, a Canadian brand founded by Métis entrepreneur Sean McCormick in 1997, held a party last week at The Bata Shoe Museum.  As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by aboriginal rhythms, tasty bison skewers, and finger-licking-good salmon cakes.


There was an awesome Polaroid picture drop where people were posing with various props, from mitts to snow shoes and head pieces. The ambience set a traditional Aboriginal feel, complete with authentic singers and dancers. The brand stays true to its heritage by constantly working to help Aboriginals across Canada to remember their roots while also educating the world on Native culture and history.


Waneek Horn-Miller

The night was hosted by the gorgeous Waneek Horn-Miller, a Canadian water polo Olympic athlete who is of Mohawk ancestry.

“I think Manitobah Mukluks is doing that [embracing its roots]. When you’re going out to the world you want to bring who you are, whether you’re a Mohawk, or you’re an Italian, you don’t leave your culture behind; it’s a big part of who you are; it’s a motivator,” says Waneek.

What I was the most excited for was to see their 2012 collection which was on display at the event. I wanted everything, as usual. They have a huge variety of boots and moccasins, made with so many different materials including cow hide, sheepskin, and coyote fur. Most of the colours are in the brown palette, grey and black. You will also notice that each boot has finely crafted bead designs of unique flowers, shapes, and patters. These patterns represent artwork and stories of First Nations’ ancestors, which is a great way for Manitobah Mukluks to stay true to its culture and to keep it prominent. One of the many unique things about the brand is their partnership with VIBRAM, who is a leader in high-abrasion soles, which means they can develop functional but fashionable footwear.


 Photo Credit – Lu Chau