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The Fashion Spot caught up with lingerie designer Deborah Marquit (158 West 15thStreet New York City, Telephone 212.478.3092), who is known for her hand crafted lingerie, particularly her fluorescent line, which has been featured in Sex and the City, Vogue, W, Nylon and countless other publications.


tFS:  What inspired you to get into the lingerie business and what has motivated you to persevere through hardships along the way?

Deborah:  I am inspired to create fashion in lingerie that combines delicate and interesting fabrics, unique colors and architecture that performs as a foundation garment. My inspiration for the business is that I love creating a product that combines art and fashion which women can wear and enjoy. We are currently expanding the brand internationally….and creating an organic perfume line.


tFS: Do you have any advice for struggling designers?

Deborah:  The advice I have for struggling designers is that you must feel that what you are doing is top priority in your life if you really want to succeed.


tFS:  You have a number of retail outlets carrying your pieces. How do those opportunities come about?

Deborah:  Intimate apparel buyers from department stores such as Barneys, and Henri Bendel are shown the collection by appointment in our studio, and then they order the line for their lingerie departments. We have a 3-5 month lead time to produce the order and ship to stores.


tFS:  Do you find that your sales are more or less consistent, or are there fluctuations from season to season based on fashion trends?

Deborah:  Our sales our generally higher in warmer months — May, June, July, August, then again in the Fall (back to school) September, October, November. Holidays are busy – especially Christmas and Valentines day. January is kind of slow since everyone is away, although that is changing too, because some people like to start the new year with new underwear. If other clothing or lingerie brands use lots of fluorescent colors, this enhances our sales and brand as well.


tFS:  When shopping for lingerie what are some key things to look for?

Deborah:  Look for brands that fit well and are sewn well so they will last through washings.

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