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Recycle Your Wardrobe with Buffalo Exchange

Do you have a pair of Dior sunglasses that just don’t look right on your face? How about that pair of earrings you got last Christmas that are super cute, but just not your style? Wouldn’t you love to be able to sell those items…or even trade them in for something cuter? Check out The Buffalo Exchange’s New & Recycled Fashion.

It’s not just your average thrift store, they have hot vintage items, current basics, top designer labels, and other high-end unique goods to choose from. You’ll even find brand new merchandise, too. It’s almost like a high-end pawn shop as all the clothing and accessories are bought, sold, and traded with customers. Their products are for both men and women, with a vast variety of styles to fit your personal tastes. Items are priced based on various factors including the label, condition, category, and style. So, when you bring in your own stuff, keep this in mind. A word of advice is to offer a trade if you really want more bang for your buck. When you simply sell your items to the store, you will, of course, get a lower price than retail. However, if you see a thing or two in the store that you would love to bring home with you, you can offer a trade and negotiate from there. It’s up to you! Another great rule of thumb is to call your local Buffalo Exchange and ask what their current hot items are… what they’re definitely buying right now. This can help you get a good idea about your own goods.

The Buffalo Exchange isn’t solely about buying and selling clothes. The franchise participates in numerous charitable causes, keeping their goals with these organizations a top priority. A couple of the Buffalo Exchange offices are actually certified Urban Wildlife Sanctuaries. They’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for nonprofit organizations like The Humane Society of the United States, Coats for Cubs, and several other environmental causes.

With stores across the country, you can visit their website to find a location near you. Love the concept? There are other sites to buy and sell your clothing including Beacon’s Closet,, Crossroads Trading Co., and Freestyle Clothing.