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Jenny Bird Handbags and Jewelry

Jenny Bird Jewelry

I was first introduced to Jenny Bird, by a friend of mine who was raving about how lovely she was as a person, and how amazing her handbag and jewelry collection was. I knew I had to discover more for myself, and was pleasantly surprised at what I found out.


Jennifer Bird Handbag

Canadian designer Jenny Bird comes from a family of seamstresses, dabbling herself in various arts programs and participating in arts and crafts wherever able. Jenny set up shop from an early age, selling her creations to family out of her living room. With a passion to succeed, she taught herself how to design accessories and launched her handbag collection in 2008. Not a bad way to launch, Jenny Bird handbags premiered in New York City's Garment District bag factory; kinda a big deal. Her love for fashion and attention to detail is obvious in every piece she designs. What's even more impressive is the luxury product she delivers without the hefty price tag attached.

Jenny Bird Turquoise Chain Bib

A year following the launch of her handbag collection, Bird returns to her accessory background and launches her jewelry line. By that time Jenny Bird was no stranger to celebrities, her pieces have graced the covers of New York Times Style Magazine and Vogue to name only a few. Be sure to check out her handbag collection and accessory collection to see what we're all buzzing about.

Jenny Bird Wanderlust Hoops in GoldJenny Bird Necklace