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London Supports Menswear and Jewellery Designers

James Long

Over the past few years the British Fashion Council has worked steadily to not only nurture the young talent who make London what it is, but also to provide opportunity for other less recognized groups of designers. London Fashion Week proper has already grown leaps and bounds but there's no rest for the BFC just yet, as they've announce two new ventures to support London's menswear and jewellery designers.

Last week, they announced that London would be joining the ranks of Milan and Paris with its own Menswear collections showcase in June. The week, or rather weekend, which will run from the 15th until the 17th of June, will be an expansion of the menswear day currently slotted at the end of London Fashion Week. The men's day has always been popular with local attendees but is missed by many of the international crowd because of the Milan Fashion week overlap. The new showcase will feature everyone from emerging talent to Saville Row Tailors and is sure to make its mark on the menswear shows. Unfortunately for designers showing on the standard men's day in a few weeks, it means they have precious little time to complete next season's collection but the London Collections: Men, as it's been called, aims to compete with other international weeks in Milan and Paris.

James LongJordan Askill

Looks by James Long (left) and Jordan Askill (right). 

It’s not only the menswear designers getting their share of the spotlight this year, the BFC has also announced that a new jewellery initiative ‘Rock Vault’ will launch during the upcoming womenwear week. The exhibition will feature ten jewellers including names like Jordan Askill and Hillier, in custom installations in a structure overlooking the Thames. “As a London jewellery designer and a craftsman, it gives me great pleasure to be curating Rock Vault, an area dedicated for the first time to the rising stars of the UK jewellery industry under the umbrella of the BFC,” said curator and selection panel head, Stephen Webster. “Over the last 10 years, jewellery has become an integral part of both men's and women's wardrobes. This meteoric rise has meant jewellery designers have been crying out for inclusion within the established fashion platforms. Rock Vault finally offers such an opportunity. We are all very excited to realise this vision.”