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Where’s the Other Sock? SheKnows Partners with Michael Costello and Toni Braxton for Autism Speaks

Where's the Other Sock?

Of the many perks of New York Fashion Week, the collaborations, campaigns, and side-projects may even rival runway shows. The clothes at the shows might be different from year-to-year, but the basic format is the same: models get into hair and makeup, walk their butts off, designers give interviews, editors and buyers make decisions about what they like and what they don't, the TFS Forums weigh in.

But there's another component to all the hubbub, and it's the trade show's magnetic force, which spurs a kind of frenzied creative energy across the entire industry. At no other time of year do we see so many exciting, unconventional projects breaking the runway-to-mag mold.

In that vein, the Where's the Other Sock? campaign shines the fashion spotlight on the humble sock, one of the most under-appreciated players in our collective wardrobes.

To benefit Autism Speaks, SheKnows asked designer and Project Runway contestant Michael Costello to create a gown made entirely out of socks donated and signed by celebrities. The PR alum is no stranger to these kinds of challenges, and his sure-to-be-stunning creation will be modeled by the legendary singer and Autism Speaks advocate Toni Braxton at the NYFW reveal. The dress will later be sold at auction to raise money for the charity.

Want to see the dress? Never fear, I'll be checking it out next week and reporting back.

Learn more and watch a video interview with Michael Costello over at SheKnows.