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MJ: Diary of a Fashion Week Model, Fall 2012

All fashion month long, MJ from Wilhelmina will be giving us an exclusive insider's look at at the top Fall 2012 designer shows from a model's vantage point as she navigates her third international fashion season. 


Name: MJ

Age: 17

Hometown: Alice Springs (Australia)

Known for: Eyes, lips

If I weren’t modeling; I would travel the world studying different cultures and languages

3 things I can’t live without: My family, my Rag & Bone jeans, my iPhone

I most want to meet: Kate Moss

My secret talent: Water sports, horseback riding

My dream modeling job: Burberry campaign

On my iPod: The Kooks, Adele 21, Lady Gaga, Michael Buble, Panic at the Disco

On my nightstand: My travel diary, Polaroid camera, a lavender and patchouli candle

In my handbag: Blister bandages, Cliff energy bars, makeup remover pads, lip gloss, sunscreen, iPhone, and a tennis ball

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