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Richard Chai Love Fall 2012 Runway Review

With his best friend, designer Phillip Lim, in his place front row, Richard Chai Love kicked off with model Liu Wen taking to the runway in a long, striped menswear-inspired blazer paired with matching pants. The stripes continued, appearing on separates and one-pieces, each in a mix of grays and black. Monochrome loosely draped pants (including corduroy ones) were also featured prominently, along with soft knits, lightweight fabrics with painterly patterns, and cinched-at-the-waist outerwear and dresses.

Among the standout looks were loose-fitting jackets, belted at the waist, with hugely oversized pockets. Also oversized were the backpacks, which appeared almost luggage-like (I guess the trend is not going anywhere) and fanny pack-like belts, equally jumbo.