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New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 Hits and Misses, Part 1 (Forum Buzz)

Juan Carlos Obando Fall 2012

The hustle and bustle of fashion week (or fashion month rather) has officially begun, and forum members are eagerly taking in the first wave of collections from New York. As always, some were met with favor, and others with disappointment. Here are the hits and misses thus far.

NYFW Hits Part 1 - Jenni Kayne, Juan Carlos Obando, TSE

The Hits: Jenni Kayne, Juan Carlos Obando, TSE


Jenni Kayne

“Stunning, I love most of it. Quite beautiful, some of the coats are to die for.” [elle_gb]

“I find myself quite surprised at how much I like it, though I am pretending that the shoes don't exist. I think the individual pieces can work as a pick-my-mood-up in the middle of winter.” [purplethistle]

“Amazing collection, I love how everything looks so stylish yet easy to wear.” [liberty33r1b]


Juan Carlos Obando

“I love it. My favorite collection today. A bit referential (Balenciaga and Rochas especially), but still great. Very chic and some great shapes.” [MyNameIs]

“This is absolutely beautiful, and I agree the best collection of the day.” [TREVOFASHIONISTO]

“He never fails to show beautiful day dresses.” [liberty33r1b]



“I think I could happily spend an entire fall/winter swathed exclusively in this collection.” [ChrissyM]

“Some really cozy looking items here, but sophisticated as well. Nice.” [Not Plain Jane]

“Lovely knitwear pieces that don't look boring.” [liberty33r1b]


NYFW Misses Part 1 - Kimberly Ovitz, Cynthia Rowley, Richard Chai Love

The Misses: Kimberly Ovitz, Cynthia Rowley, Richard Chai Love


Kimberly Ovitz

“I like the overall mood but some execution was a bit off.” [elle_gb]

“I love the aesthetic of the brand but tend to dislike the collection. The [clothes] often look poorly crafted and ill-fitting and she just doesn't manage to distinguish herself from the other young American brands like post-Lang Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, Jeremy Laing, Mandy Coon, etc. I actually like quite a few looks here (mainly the opening look, the leather jackets and the suits) but there is literally NOTHING that hasn't been done before. And if there is any progress in her designing it has to be very minimal because I just can't see it. Looks pretty much the same to me every season. It's a very typical NYFW collection: nicely styled, some good pieces, very wearable but terribly unexciting and unoriginal.” [Psylocke


Cynthia Rowley

“Who exactly is the Cynthia Rowley customer? I'm perplexed by her longevity in light of her making some of the most unflattering collections every Fashion Week.” [loladonna]

“I don't like the color palette here. It's a little too drab for these designs.” [Selfportraitgrl]

“Feels a little disjointed. Not sure it all hangs together.” [Not Plain Jane]


Richard Chai Love

“I thought there were some nice pieces… but I was utterly appalled by all the belted coats.” [Selfportraitgrl]

“Nothing exciting…” [liberty33r1b]

“I don't like the horizontal striped jackets and pants early in the collection (grey and black), but overall this collection is true to his aesthetic—easy, somewhat grungy, rather like early Marc by Marc.” [Not Plain Jane]

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