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Rebecca Taylor Fall 2012 Runway Review

The house was packed beyond capacity to the point that there were two rows running down the center of the runway for attendees to sit. Even the main stage venue at Lincoln Center didn't have enough room for all the Rebecca Taylor fanatics. Of course there were reality star sightings, most notably Miss Jay of America's Next Top Model and celebrity stylist Robert Verdi.

Layered looks with a consistent color scheme of purples, grays, and blues flooded the catwalk. The outfits were relaxed, yet refined, from flowy to fitted frocks. Loose and intentionally messy locks flowed with each step, pulling together each relaxed look perfectly. The bare-looking makeup further helped in completing this idea. Taylor's collection was a melting pot of themes and concepts, yet remained true to its color scheme. Combining all sorts of textures, each look was created with great thought and direction. Mixing sheer fabrics, leathers, fur, velvets, and knits is not the easiest of tasks. You name it and this collection had it. Models wore everything from gowns to vests to pants to cardigans.

A big theme on the runway was the image of loose, oversized upper body wear paired with fitted pants or leggings. Interestingly enough, the designer matched this exact look… color scheme and all. Some of the velvet pieces had a slubbed, almost burnout appearance that took each of them to a modern level of fabulous. The patterned garments weren't too shabby either. Using a myriad of prints, models were adorned in everything from floral to lace to animalistic to aztec-like patterns, some of which utilized a distressed, gradient fade in color. Above all, the unexpected touches of shimmered fabrics were a nice touch that came up in a few of the looks to add that little extra something.

When it came to footwear, the dress shoes were pretty amazing, the running trend was short fur boots with crossing leather straps on each. To-die-for bags were throughout, everything from convenient cross-body purses to oversized satchels. The jewelry and other accessories were stellar, but more difficult to focus on through the heavenly style blur of plum, ash, and blue haze.

Overall, I'd have to say I'd like to own everything that Rebecca Taylor put on that runway. She gave a new meaning to the phrase ready-to-wear.