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New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 Hits and Misses, Part 2 (Forum Buzz)

Doo.Ri Fall 2012 New York

New York Fashion Week is now in full swing, and the Fashion Spot’s forum members are eagerly taking in each collection as it hits the runway. Here are some of their latest picks for standout collections, and those that missed the mark.

NYFW Fall 2012 Hits - Tess Giberson, Doo.Ri, Victoria Beckham

The Hits: Tess Giberson, Doo.Ri, Victoria Beckham


Tess Giberson

“This is great! There is so much here I want to wear, like, NOW!” [Not Plain Jane]

“Definitely the best Tess collection since she's returned… and they've all be pretty great… but this takes it! There's a real Native American feel I get in this. Certainly not obvious or literal but with the jewelry, the textures, the wrappings… seems that's where she went in this.” [Scott]

“There's a fantastic artistic point of view in this collection. I like the envisioning of the detail and styling.” [|PerfectTonight|]



“Stunning minimalism, clean lines, beautiful movement, and detail of the leather against other fabric. The color palette in general is quite soft to the eyes, and adaptive while the shapes are elegant to the point of being stoic.” [|PerfectTonight|]

“As usual, Doo.Ri impresses: this is so sophisticated and wearable at the same time. I love some of the spidery web cut outs and the moss-olive green is a nice shot of color. Beautiful collection.” [Not Plain Jane]

“I don't think I've ever loved draping as much as I do now. This would also probably be my favorite Doo.Ri collection as well.” [purplethistle]


Victoria Beckham

“This is the first time that I've really whole heartedly embraced a collection of [Victoria Beckham's]. I think this is so wearable and just a great collection! I've always liked HER I've just been incredibly reluctant to think of her as a legit designer, but my mind may have been changed today.” [KaraDanielle11]

“No gimmicks here, just straight up beautiful clothing for her customer. She never gets the fit wrong, same for the color palette; those little pops of color on collars? Brilliant, military chic done the right way. The boots were very nice as well, most of all, when I look at this collection I see dollar signs!!! No wonder the retailers were giving her a standing ovation.” [Miss Dalloway]

“She is consistently on target in terms of what an actual women, one who has a job and has a life, would want to wear. Quality pieces, expert tailoring, and chic silhouettes.” [lelaid]

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NYFW Fall 2012 misses - Nicole Miller, Prabal Gurung, Kelly Wearstler

The Misses: Nicole Miller, Prabal Gurung, Kelly Wearstler


Nicole Miller

“Why are her collections usually so scatter-brained? I don't see anything tying the pieces together. Obviously, collections have to be unique and innovative, but I find hers to be such a mish-mash of different styles; it's too distracting!” [gomtik]

“Too 70s hippie for moi. I like some bohemian looks, but this is overkill altogether.” [Not Plain Jane]

“I was surprised I didn't hate this, but I also don't feel like there's anything new or innovative here. It kind of feels like a bunch of recycled ideas from various Free People catalogs.” [Selfportraitgrl]

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Prabal Gurung

“More or less the same mess from last season. Hideous ruffles mixed with tacky shiny materials. Just stuff you'd expect on the red carpet. Really nothing to get overly excited for.” [Ives927]

“Gurung's admiration for Ricardo Tisci's work is painful to watch and really just embarrassing for New York fashion week.” [Mutterlein]

“It's safe to say I'm disappointed. There are some nice pieces, but overall it's pretty underwhelming.” [Selfportraitgrl]

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Kelly Wearstler

“This is so terrible. Like something that would have been sold at Forever21 several years ago. I'm really surprised because her personal style is so excellent and her jewelry and home wares lines are really well done and chic.” [Meg]

“The girl who decorates her home with Kelly Wearstler is a far cry from the girl in these outfits.” [haydn]

“I think the problem is she designs for herself instead of keeping in mind what her consumers would actually want to wear. Not everyone could, or wants to, pull off that zany Kelly Wearstler style of dressing.” [HeatherAnne]

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