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Prete & Bruno: Behind the Scenes at a New York Fashion Week Runway Show

Many people see the glitz, glamour, and the cameras, but they don't see the chaos, hard work, and challenges that go into orchestrating a successful runway show. Fashion Week shows are not well-oiled machines, they almost thrive on craziness. Sometimes it shows on the runway, and other times, the presentation rises above the insanity and delivers a seamless show.

At last week's Prete & Bruno show, the gorgeous collection of black, gold, and kelly greens took over the runway at the Stage at Lincoln Center. The models were spaced perfectly, each look came out flawlessy, the music and lighting was timed nicely, the designers delivered a fabulous collection, and they got rave reviews. So, what went on behind the scenes that got them to this point?

It was a very challenging path to get to the runway, with a lot of road blocks. Nonetheless, Prete & Bruno prevailed. Having a very short time to construct the collection was the first of all obstacles. Then, the shoes coming in from Italy failed to make it on time and their production team, N.Y.C. PR, who came on board a week or so before the day of show, had to rush to find replacement shoes. Fortunately, Ruia NYC was able to provide products the day before the fitting and the day of the show.

Then, in the span of a day, N.Y.C. PR recruited 50 interns to help with fittings, styling assistants, and dressers. Schools including Marist, Berkeley, Parsons, Kent State, LIM, FIT, and so many others stepped up to the plate. Invitations were quickly sent out by Company Agenda. Next, the designers' flight from Italy was delayed and fittings had to be pushed back, forcing the entire team to stay until all hours the night before the show dressing and undressing models. Because of the time constraint, music and timing was figured out on-site as run-throughs with the models ran very close to show time.

N.Y.C. PR and the Lincoln Center staff managed to figure everything out quickly, needing only one short runway rehearsal. With a packed house, the Prete & Bruno team scrambled backstage to get hair and makeup done so that each model could get into their first look. At last, the plastic was pulled from the catwalk, the lights lowered, and it was all in the hands of the staff. Having 15 models with a total of 44 looks to walk in, there were a lot of changes. To boot, there were a ton of accessories that went with the looks to take off and put on amidst the chaos.

We talked to the designer, Filippo Bruno, about the experience.

The Fashion Spot: What was the most rewarding part of presenting your collection at New York Fashion Week?

Filippo Bruno: We were amazed about the number of people who attended at our show, more than

700 people. Everything was great showing at Lincoln center, but most of all, we were touched by the warmest of people who worked so hard with us in the backstage (N.Y.C. Public Relations).

TFS: What was most challenging in preparation for the show?

FB: The preparation of the collection… we had only a few weeks to do it because the fabrics were late in the delivery. So, in just two weeks, we had to do the manufacturing of the clothes. It was really stressful! We spent the last two nights in NYC sewing feathers on the dresses!

TFS: I know! I know your flight got held up as well and you just flew in the day before the show. With all that happened between needing shoes last minute, so many event interns, having the fittings the night before the show, and having a model drop out, how do you feel your staff did pulling together such a wonderful show?

FB: We now consider our staff as a family! In Italy it is very hard to find people so lovely and professional too. People worked so hard, even the interns. This experience made us proud to be assisted by those people who actually have been instrumental to achieve the success of the show.

TFS: Thank you! So, what's next for Prete & Bruno?

FB: To sell the collections in the best stores in the US! As designers, we're already working in the S/S 2014 collection. We'll go to Paris next week for the fabrics show. At the same time, we need to sell, and really hope the American market will love our collection.

Who would have thought that with all the craziness going on, such a wonderful production would come out of it? It was all thanks to the gorgeous vintage jewelry provided by Cristiana Lopez, the emergency help from Ruia NYC's shoe boutique, the guest list assistance from Company Agenda, the show production skills of N.Y.C. Public Relations, and, of course, the help of the Lincoln Center team. Not to mention, all the interns that came from fashion schools all over New York. Plus, having such classically sexy designs didn't hurt either.


Lauren Weigle is a partner at N.Y.C. Public Relations.

Photos: Zimbio