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Stella McCartney’s Olympic Uniforms Revealed

Anticipation over Olympic fashion has been high ever since Stella McCartney was appointed by adidas as the creative director of the UK Olympic team’s competitive clothing for this summer’s London Games, but they reached a fever pitch after McCartney's splashy show in London. A fitting choice given that the British designer not only has years of designing athletic wear for adidas under her belt, but has an activewear sensibility when designing her luxury line. The Olympic collection was finally revealed at the Tower of London, marking the first time McCartney has designed a team kit and it’s the most comprehensive one that’s ever been supplied to a national team.

Over two years in the making, the kit’s design focuses on the Union flag, breaking down its design and reconstructing it, which has created backlash from some. McCartney, however, remarked that for her, the Union flag represents one of the most beautiful flags in the world, adding “it was important for me to stay true to that iconic design, but also to modernize it and present it in a contemporary way. Ultimately, we wanted the athletes to feel like a team and be proud with the identity we created.” The designer also tweeted, in response to critics accusing her of not using enough red in her designs, "I see many feel as strongly about the Union flag as I do! The design actually uses more red & shows more flag than any Team GB kit since '84." Hear McCartney speak more about the kit here.

You don’t have to be a world-class athlete to know that a big part of performing your best is feeling your best and what you’re wearing is a big part of that. Personally, I like how red was used as an accent color and judging by the faces of the athletes, they seem exceedingly proud to be sporting their outfits. As for comments that the fits are tight — isn't that how high performance atheletic wear is supposed to fit? To that end, replica ranges of the British team kit will go on sale in April, including football, tennis, cycling, basketball, athletics, and swimwear.