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When I heard that Guy from Fashion156 had invited a selection of young designers to contribute a toile of a garment and then asked them to customize it with various methods of paint application, I was dying to see the results, and they have just gone live now with the new Paint Issue.  It just dawned one me that my own efforts of painting clothes are minor/amateur to say the least, and whilst splattering paint on garments is supposed to be random/messy, somehow the designers here have made their clothes look amazing.  Of course, the canvases for the paint here are also superior; rather than detracting from the sublime shapes and structures the designers have created, the paint seems to enhance them.  Perhaps it’s the fact that the designers were given the chance to paint the garments themselves that made them all work so well.  Give me any one of these toiles and I’d ruin it in a painterly second…

To top it all off, all the pieces are going up on eBay and the proceeds of the auction will 100% go to the charity of each designer’s choice.


Steve J & Yoni P:  I’m glad the sleeves have been left un-painted seeing as the body is so well done.  They were inspired by the artist Asger Jorn.


Hannah Marshall:  Knowing Marshall’s style, it didn’t surprise me that she went with a very subtle paint effect with the dripping gold and white.  I love the way a raised texture has been created on her signature trapeze dresses.


Scott Ramsay Kyle:  Ack…those rounded shoulders are back to taunt me (I demand rounded big shoulders…) but the way the paint has seeped into the silk fabric is quite mesmerising…


Maaike Mekking:  Maaike admitted it was incredibly satisfying to pour black paint on cream calico and I can see why.  Simple but effective.


Ross Hancock:  I was actually MOST excited to see this creation as Ross was one of the rejected contestants on the third season of Project Catwalk (yes, I watched it… so sue me…) and I was rooting for him all along.  The judges were fools.  Period.  His dress is part of a series based on a flower opening from his bespoke couture line ‘Le Ross’.  He used cut-up teddy bear’s feet to paint the dress.  Random.


Hemyca:  I’m not entirely sure how the illustration on this piece was inspired by the Secret Garden but I’m loving the visceral quality of it all the same.


Louise Amstrup:  I know Louise is quite a dab hand with hand painting/dyeing garments so again I’m not surprised this dress turned out so well.



Don’t think the men don’t get their dose of paint and in fact, I was even more intrigued by how the designers would treat their garments, especially if they’re usually minimalist in colour and print.  But I think the pieces speak for themselves.

Edward Sexton:  Jacket – Not sure if Sexton was comfortable with ruining his perfect tailoring but his jacket was inspired by the 70s’ New York club scene.

Bjork & McElliot:  trousers – Colour splatters on the trews… show me a man who’d relish wearing those!


Deryck Walker:  He said he was being destructive but the paint has been so elegantly applied.   Combined with the neck windmill, I’m thinking my boyfriend might opt for this ensemble.


Ioannis Dimitrousis:   Dimitrousis laboured over this, waiting for rain to fall and then splattering the toile with paint whilst it was on the model.  Poor male model.  Layers and layers of dripping paint and then hours of hairdrying the whole thing.  Not one for me to attempt…


Omar Kashoura:  I can’t quite read the text that has been painted on this bib but I’m curious about bibs in general.  A piece of attire that needs some sort of revival?


Peckham Rye:  Scarves not just for the men, but for gals too me thinks.  eBay link here.


JW Anderson: Remember his AW08-9 Rasputin inspired collection?  These blood drenched trousers seem to be in line with that.