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How to Turn Your Messy Closet Into a Chic Boutique

Closet transformation

You know that super giddy feeling you get when you step into your favorite boutique and everything’s all nice and pretty and organized? Well, wouldn’t it be cool if you felt the same way about your closet at home, like for once you actually wanted to shop ‘til you dropped in it? Meet the closet whisperer: Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design. Okay, she’s not really a closet whisperer, but she is a closet designer and organizational expert to some pretty A-list stars. The best way she says to upgrade your closet? Transform it into a lavish living space. We picked Lisa’s brain to get the 411 on all the fab ways you can take your closet from boring-as-crap to Carrie-Bradshaw-esque. Because, let’s be honest, every girl dreams of a walk-in closet that looks like that. 

“Choosing an outfit is an essential part of the day’s commencement,” explains Lisa. “So your closet has the ability to set the day’s mood. Why not ensure this area is one that leaves you feeling organized, empowered, and ready to face the day then?” Right on, sister, we couldn’t agree more! Here are some of Lisa's top tips:

  • Replace all your hangers so they’re consistent. This is one of the easiest ways to make your closet look more uniform and tidy.
  • Paint the walls. Your closet is the perfect place to get creative and try something new!
  • Add special decorations to reflect your unique personality (like the crystal chandelier shown above).
  • Thicken shelves and divider panels. The sturdier the panels, the more expensive your closet will appear.
  • Extend cabinets to the ceiling in order to maximize space and make your closet feel larger. 
  • Add a long hanging section for pants, maxi skirts and dresses to keep your clothes from looking cramped or untidy.
  • Put glass dividers between your purses to help them stay organized and stand upright.
  • Buy a mirror to make your room feel larger (and to see your fabulous outfits!)
  • Add crown molding to the cabinetry for detail and to create a unique, custom look.