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How I Got to Be…a Fashion and Music Events Planner

Cristina Civetta with Nur Kahn (left) and Mick Rock

Scooter, a magazine published by the New York Observer, recently did a feature on Manhattan’s top High Schools in which they singled out Convent of the Sacred Heart as living up to the “schoolgirl-gone-bad stereotype surrounding private all-girls schools.” Cristina Civetta, an alumnus, is the ultimate example of that. While she may be well spoken and from a posh Upper East Side pedigree, she oozes a too cool for school vibe that makes her fit in as seamlessly at the Electric Room hanging out with Axl Rose as it does at a black tie charity event. Capitalizing on her experiences working for PR Consulting and Conde Nast, Civetta, along with her long-time friend Cole Miller, founded C2 Worldwide, a marketing, PR, and events planning company. She now regularly works with the likes of Nur Kahn and Franck Raharinosy to plan some of Manhattan’s most buzzed about events.

Fresh off the plane from Coachella, we spoke to the self proclaimed born child of rock-n-roll about staying organized when one doesn’t have a traditional office job, connecting with influential nightlife players like Nur Kahn, her advice for those looking to get into event planning, and more.

The Fashion Spot: Growing up, did you have any idea what you wanted to do when it came to your career?

Cristina Civetta: I always thought I wanted to work in the hospitality industry because my father owned an Italian restaurant, Primavera, so I grew up around restaurateurs and hotel owners.

tFS: What did you study in college?

CC: Art history.

tFS: How do you think growing up in NYC has influenced your career path?

CC: I think there is an energy in New York that makes you want to do so much especially when you grow up surrounded with art, fashion, and music at your fingertips.

tFS: What was your first job out of college?

CC: I started off working as a stylist and then went to work for PR Consulting.

tFS: Your background includes some work with print media — can you tell us how you got to working with those publications? 

CC: I met the head of Conde Nast International Advertising and he took me under his wing. I eventually worked my way up the ladder, becoming the advertising director at ID and VS magazines.

tFS: How did you end up connecting with Nur Kahn?

CC: We did a story on him for VS and we decided to do the issue launch at Kenmare. The event was the most buzzed about that New York Fashion Week. Nur and I realized there was an amazing synergy between the two of us so from there we started to do more and more events together.

tFS: How did you end up working with Spin?

CC: Honestly, it just happened organically. I met the founder, Franck, and he and I chatted about my experiences and some ideas I had for them…the rest is history.

tFS: What's an average work day like for you?

CC: I wake up to lots of work emails! Then I grab some coffee and head out to meet with my partner Cole and we deal with whatever upcoming and current projects we have in the works.

tFS: You don't have a traditional office job. How do you stay organized and motivated when it's tempting to stay in bed all day?

CC: I make to-do lists and I stick to them. Another good tip is that I try to schedule calls and meetings early to get things in motion.

tFS: Networking is a big part of working in fashion, beauty, nightlife, etc. Any tips?

CC: Be truthful and only work with people you really trust and like.

tFS: How important is what you wear day-to-day at your job?

CC: When I have meetings with more corporate clients I get a little more dressed up…so, no Keds, maybe some heels.

tFS: Can you tell us about your style?

CC: It’s a little hippy meets rock-n-roll – or you’ll find me in my workout clothes. I do think that there is nothing better than a great vintage tee or a perfect little dress and I live for my Improvd leather jacket with a hoodie.

tFS: You’ve helped your brother with his clothing line. What are some of the challenges that come with starting a clothing label that people might not anticipate?

CC: The overall cost, getting the fit right, constantly coming out with new designs, figuring out orders, distribution deals, working with patternmakers – there’s a lot, but mostly it comes down to making your design a reality without breaking the bank and that’s tough.

tFS: Future career aspirations?

CC: I want to take my company to a global level. My ultimate goal is to create things that change music and fashion.

tFS: If you were talking to someone whose dream job is your job, what would you tell them?

CC: Get an awesome intern and always have everything spelled out in a contract.

tFS: What are some of your favorite spots in NYC aside from the ones you work with?

CC: Bowery Hotel hands down; my partner's restaurant, The House, Gramercy Park Hotel, Sin Bin, Hurricane Club, Fat Radish, Soho House, The Standard, Bottega del Vino, and pretty much any place that serves great kale.