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Twitterati #Fashion Recap: Vera Wang Shows Red During Bridal Week, Tyra Fires Everybody, and More

Vera Wnag bridal 2013

This week on #Twitterati, Spring 2013 Bridal Week dares to go red and bare, Tyra Banks goes on an axing spree, and Roberto Cavalli trashes American fashion and possibly Anna Wintour, too. For more where that came from, scroll down to read this week's fashionable recap according to the hottest celebrities, top editors, and most followed bloggers.

Spring 2013 Bridal Week Turns its Back on Tradition

Vera Wnag bridal 2013Traditional wedding gowns took a backseat during Spring 2013 Bridal Week. Vera Wang sent out a slew of red gowns that ranged from fire engine red to deep scarlett. Having dabbled in both green and black in previous bridal collections, Wang is no stranger to colorful bridal gowns. However, this is the first Vera Wang Bridal Show where white was nowhere in sight. The fashion world more than embraced Wang's version of the crimson bride. gave Wang's Lady in Red the thumbs up tweeting, "Red Gets The Green Light At #Bridal Week." @InStyle agreed tweeting, "We're seeing RED!" while listing their top 5 picks. 

Not to be left behind, Oscar de la Renta's Bridal collection included a Spanish style red gown, which was accessorized with a towering head piece. Other unconventional and, dare we say, risque wedding options included a very fashion-forward pantsuit that was paired with a torso-baring cropped top. tweeted, "Oscar de la Renta showed colorful bridal gowns (and a crop top!). We love some of the non-traditional options." Others were a bit more skeptical about the stomach-baring design. The Huffington Post asked via twitter, "Would you wear this Oscar de la Renta crop top at your wedding?" Women's Wear Daily's @kristigarced definitely would. The online fashion reporter tweeted, " and I are going to get married (to each other, if all else fails) in crop tops à la Oscar. Yesplzt."  Does that mean that wearing red or a cropped top to a wedding will now be considered a faux-pas toward the bride? 

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Tyra Banks Goes on a Firing Spree, Signaling The End of an Era

"Dang — Tyra fires almost everyone from ," tweeted @BuzzSugar. Yes that's right, media-mogul, Tyra Banks, has axed noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker, photo shoot director Jay Manuel, and runway trainer/life of the party J Alexander (aka Miss J), from America's Next Top Model, killing off the series' three longest running personalities in one swoop. While the reason behind Tyra's firing rampage is yet unknown, it comes as no surprise that #ANTM's trio will be missed. @Fuggirls tweeted, "The End of an Era. I can't believe Tyra fired Nigel! He's A NOTED FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER. (Also: Poor J/Jay)  (Go Fug Yourself)."  Supermodel Coco Rocha was "shocked to hear my friends  &  wont be on the next season of . End of an era! Thank you for the TV memories! Xx." Shocked by some, not surprised by others. Shortly after the trio's departure was confirmed, ET Online's Senior Editor @jarettsays tweeted his response to the firing, "They're just following the viewers." Ouch. 

Roberto Cavalli Hates American Fashion, Calls Anna Wintour a Great Journalist 

Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli gave Karl Lagerfeld a run for his money this past week. In an interview with Italy's La Repubblica, Cavalli pretty much tore down American Fashion. Refinery 29 shared a quote from the interview via twitter where Cavalli reportedly said, "American fashion is terrible and you almost can't even look at it." However, the designer may or may not have redeemed himself by paying American Vogue's Editrix Anna Wintour the most backhanded compliment to date: @Stylite shared via twitter that after insulting American fashion, Cavalli went on to say, "But it has been driven by a great journalist – Anna Wintour – who wants all women to be like her and to dress the way she does.” If this is Cavalli's way of amending his previous statement, I'm not so sure he went about it the right way. Will anyone be surprised if Cavalli's Pre-Fall collection fails to make it into Vogue

#Kimye is Still Alive and Sharing Sneakers and Ice Cream  Among Other Things! 

For those of you who were worried or relieved that this week's Twitterati recap would not include #Kimye, consider this a present — or maybe not. @Popsugar tweeted, "@KimKardashian and @KanyeWest step out as a couple in NYC…like them together?" Well, do you? Not only did Kimye share ice cream while strolling through a romantic date in NYC, Kim has now further confirmed the public romance via jewelry. The Huffington Post asked what most of us were semi-dying to know, "Is Kim Kardashian wearing Kanye earrings?" @HollywoodLife shared and image of the earrings tweeting, "Get a load of 's new 'KW' earrings…(Were they a gift from Kanye West?)" , If only we knew. Never one to shy away from public PDA and romance, Kim Kardashian tweeted a picture of his and her "Air-Jordans" with the tag line, "Money Tall Like Jordan," while out on her date with Kanye. To see if #Kimye is still around next week, be sure to check on our #Fashion Twitterati Recap. 

Image via kimkardashian instagram