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Handbag Designer El-Minooche: a TFS Interview

My latest obsession is a new handbag line from Montreal called El-Minooche. Each of the handbags that I have seen have great detailing, texture, and of course, tons of variety in shapes and sizes. These purses are for women who want to stand out with their purses and make a statement. I sat down with Myriame Charles, the designer behind El Minooche to ask her a few questions, I was so intrigued after seeing the line.

The Fashion Spot: What did you want to be when you were a kid? 

Myriame Charles: Up to 4 year old, I though that I could be a teacher on Monday, a police officer on Tuesday, a designer on Wednesday, etc. But after 4, it was clear to me that I all I wanted was to be a designer.

tFS: What was your first job? 

MC: My first job was at 15. I was a cashier at the movie theater.

tFS:  What inspired you to start El-Minooche? Why handbags?

MC: I always wanted to start something of my own at some point and I was already obsessed with bags. I was a sales rep in the fashion industry for years and I was asked frequently by my customers if I knew any new bag collection that I could recommend. After that, it was a no brainer and El-Minooche was born.

tFS: Who is your dream client? And Why?

MC: Solange Knowles. She totally represent the El-Minooche woman.

tFS: What would you be doing if you weren't designing? 

MC: A lawyer…I know, right?

tFS:  What or who inspired this collection? 

MC: Culture, life, architecture.

tFS: What are you working on for Fall 2012? 

MC: Well, that's a secret, but let's say that El-Minooche has a lot in store for you guys.

tFS: What¹s the one item of clothing you can¹t live without? 

MC: Jeans. I have so many pairs of jeans, it's crazy! Dressy jeans, casual jeans, you name it!

tFS: What do you want people to know about you? 

MC: I love challenge. Obstacles motivate me. When it's too easy, I get bored, so bring it on!

tFS: Who's your favorite designer? 

MC: Haider Ackermann.

tFS: Who is the El-Minooche  woman? 

MC: The El-Minooche woman is epicurious and has an insatiable zest for life and a spirit of adventure. 

tFS: What does El-Minooche mean? Where did the name come from? 

MC: My dad wanted to call me Elminouche and my mom told him, "Over my dead body." I wanted a name that meant something special, so I decided to call my brand El-Minooche.