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Boohoo: Fast Fashion to Your Doorstep

Here’s a good scheme for getting people who like online shopping to like online shopping even more: fill them up with a three-course meal and copious amounts of wine, then let them loose in a giant fitting room filled with new-season apparel and professional photo booths. 

Leading online fashion retailer Boohoo has just extended its free shipping policy to Australia after undergoing significant growth since its UK launch in 2006, hosting an exclusive dinner event at Sydney’s Pink Salt restaurant to celebrate. But it’s not just a sugar high or an excess of shiraz that makes Boohoo so attractive to discerning shoppers: besides a price point similar to that of reigning online shopping overlord ASOS, Boohoo also offers suckers for fast fashion a constantly rotated collection of looks based on current runway trends. In this way, Boohoo can cater to online shoppers the abundance of choice that they crave, while negating the need to scroll through fifteen pages of last season’s rejects to do so.

Boohoo isn’t just about alleviating the itchy fingers of restless Internet shoppers either, with much of the product timeless rather than trend-based. Basic jersey maxi dresses and plenty of trans-season staples fill the virtual racks alongside pieces tagged with “Garden Party”, “Aztec”, or “Perfect Prints”, though if it’s the latter you seek then you’ll probably find it for less than $80. They’ve even got a blog where you can peek inside the minds of Boohoo’s savvy trend spotters, and deliberate on pressing issues like Rihanna’s penchant for creepers.