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Perhaps the buzz surrounding that innovative younger set of new designers in London is working against the city. 

On Thursday, June 26th, another young London staple was nabbed to move over to Paris to show his collection sometime in 2009 – Gareth Pugh.

Pugh, known for his outrageous, virtually impossible to wear line, was recently chosen as the 2008 recipient of Paris’s ANDAM Fashion award.

ANDAM is supported by a wide range of large corporations in the fashion industry, including LVMH, Swarovski and the Yves Saint Laurent foundation. He received 150,000 Euros to put towards financing his line, which he will receive in early October.

He reportedly plans to use his prize money to back his first show in Paris. “Showing at London Fashion Week has been amazing… To now be able to enjoy the international platform of Paris will propel my business even further,” Gareth told VOGUE reporters.

Despite ample media coverage, Pugh has discussed in interviews the difficulties he faces in making profit from his line due to its’ impracticality, lamenting that he barely has enough money to keep power on in his apartment. Hopefully, this recognition is a sign of more success to come for the edgy young designer.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.