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Twitterati #Fashion Recap: Karl Lagerfeld Praises Kate Middleton’s Bum, Tyler Shields Semi-Apologizes for Burning a Birkin, and More

This week in #Twitterati, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Diamond Jubilee with her Royal Flock, Kate Middleton gets a bum-praise from Karl Lagerfeld, and Tyler Shields sort of apologizes for destroying a $100K Birkin. For more, including who looked good at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards,  keep reading this week's most happening fashion moments, events, and quotes according to Twitter's finest celebrities, top editors, and most followed bloggers.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family Celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in Fabulous Gear 

This past Sunday, the Queen of England celebrated, along with the rest of the UK, her Diamond Jubilee with a huge flotilla on the Thames. Excitement for the Royal parade reverberated throughout the Twittersphere as celebs and fashionistas gave the Queen a tweet-shout. Emma Watson tweeted, "Congratulations to the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee!! 🙂 ." Another famous Brit, Cheryl Cole, tweeted, "Feeling Patriotic.. I <3 our Royal Family. *bbmeyelashface* "

While watching the Queen in all her royal glory wave to her kingdom while surrounded by the Royal Family was more than enough spectacle to have us tweeting, hash-tagging, and trending "Diamond Jubilee," it was another Royal who had the Twittersphere talking fashion. Elle magazine explained the Duchess' outfit by simply tweeting, "Kate Middleton’s back in McQueen." Media personality Piers Morgan tweeted, "One word for Duchess of Cambridge's Outfit-Wowza." While Kate stunned in red McQueen, not everyone was impressed with her choice. Derek Blasberg tweeted, "I would like to see Kate Middleton wearing fewer pleated garments." While pointed out, "So this doesn't happen everyday—Kate Middleton wore a McQueen dress that Kim Kardashian wore first." Regardless of who wore it first, when it comes down to who wore it better, there is really no question.


Karl Lagerfeld Dishes on the Jubilee and Kate's Assets

Doing his part for the Jubilee, Karl Lagerfeld tweeted up a storm and posted an awesome drawing of the Queen's Jubilee outfit, titling it "The Queen Elizabeth II by Karl Lagerfeld."

Image via @KarlLagerfeld 

While Karl used his native language while tweeting live during the Jubilee, don't fret as there were more than enough willing translators that immediately explained Karl's "isms". Via, we learned that Karl not only approved of Kate's fashion choice, but also spoke highly of her bum tweeting, "She shows us that she has a bottom just as lovely as her sister’s.” As for the Queen's fashion choice, Karl explained, "For her part, for what she is, it is difficult to see what other outfit the Queen could have worn that would be better.” Nice enough. His only fashion recommendation? "I would have dressed the Queen in a cape, it would have been prettier than her shawl.” Are you listening Royal Court fashion stylists? Capes are always more royal. 


Stars Show Off Casual Fashion During the 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Charlize Theron in Lanvin - MTV Movie Awards 2012


The MTV Movie Awards are, for the most part, noted for their low-key casual environment, an award ceremony where stars show up to hang, laugh, and collect their golden popcorn. As expected, celebs showed up in fun and flirty ensembles that ranged from sexy metallic dresses to fiery red peplum knockouts. One of the biggest wins of the night included the always stunning Charlize Theron who showed off a red hot strapless peplum frock from Lanvin. StyleCaster tweeted a picture of Charlize working the red carpet adding, "Aaanddd here is Charlize, to show all the starlets how a red carpet is done- A-list style." Charlize's Snow White co-star, Kristen Stewart, also received plenty of Twitter-rave for her Guishem metallic minidress. Fashion blogger and stylist Louise Roe tweeted, "Shout out to my friend  for dressing one of my best dressed ladies y'day: Kristen Stewart in a bright minidress by Guishem." 

Emma Stone, who was honored with the first ever Trailblazer Award, gave a heartfelt and teary-eyed speech about the perks of being original, quirky, and different, all while working a classic black and white Martin Grant dress. StyleSpot tweeted, "Emma Stone is a Fashion Trailblazer in Martin Grant." MTV Canada added, "Emma Stone. You blaze those trails, girl. Congratulations. ." Couldn't agree more.


Tyler Shields and His Girlfriend Destroy a Birkin and Get Reprimanded

The Cut wants to know, "What's your take on the Great Birkin Burn of 2012? Heinous or harmless?" If you don't already know about the tremendous backlash Tyler Shields and his girlfriend, Francesca Eastwood, received after destroying one of fashion's most coveted and iconic bags, a $100K Birkin, then you probably don't have Twitter (or read our Buzz column). 

"Tyler Shields Sets Fire To $100,000 Birkin Bag For 'Art',” CocoPerez tweeted. While initially Tyler remained coy on his expensive art project, his girlfriend mocked the hype by tweeting, "EXCLUSIVE: Clint Eastwood's Daughter — BURNS $100k Handbag … For the Hell of It! via ." While the couple may have had their artistic reasons for massacring a $100K bag, not too many people were pleased as they took to Facebook and Twitter to chastise and reprimad the duo's behavior, which was tagged as repulsive and frivolous. As a result, "Photog and Birkin-bag-destroyer Tyler Shields says he will donate $100,000 to a family in need–if someone buys his art," tweeted. Do you think Tyler's semi-apology makes up for destroying a Birkin, a bag that could probably feed more than a couple of familes for a whole year? Or, do you think Tyler and Francesca are free to burn as many Birkins as they like for the sake of art?