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So did Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture collection redeem him from his disappointing resort collection? If you dream of technicolor messyness the answer is a resounding yes, but for most, head-to-toe neon (isn’t couture supposed to be fresh and innovative? This trend needs to go away!), feathers, odd headgear, and equestrian Hermes knock-offs (Gaultier was named chief designer at Hermes in 2003), do not make for a lust-worthy collection.


That said, while pieces that appear to be insect and mermaid inspired, are not my cup of tea, the details, especially the intricate feathering, are undeniably awe-inspiring and Gaultier most certainly does not go wrong when it came to his evening gowns.


The Frenchman presented some beautifully draped dresses, along with a handful of darker coats with a few touches of leather or fur that were classic and wearable, while being dramatic and flawlessly tailored.

Further, the detailing in all of his pieces were, love ‘em or hate ‘em, undeniably impressive and the dramatic hair and makeup were instantly eye-catching.


Gaultier is a master of couture and does deliver the drama that we have come to expect from couture (albeit one has to wonder whether he was influenced by Alexander McQueen), so perhaps it’s just that many of the other couture collections this season veered on the wearable-art side, that this collection, for the most part seems so all-over the place.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.