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Angela Martini: Secrets Swimsuit Models Know About Rocking a Bikini

Swimsuit Models Secrets for Non-Models with Angela MartiniAngela Martinin

Images courtesy Angela Martini

Keeping with the theme of my recent workwear post, I realize there are a few things that will always be office-inappropriate: 1) wet hair 2) no bra 3) as little clothing as possible. Then again, perhaps there exists a set of circumstances that allows getting away with one or two: specifically, when the heat index reaches 100° for three days in a row. It’s called a heat wave, ladies and gentlemen, and last week, New York City was thrown deep into the trenches of what can only be described as a hot box of steamy subways, sweaty city dwellers and pungent, putrid smells so terrible…I can’t go on.

It’s all enough to make one call in sick to work, hop a bus/train/jitney to the nearest body of water and wear nothing but an itty, bitty bikini for all the livelong day. Whether you’re playing hooky from work or taking a legitimate weekend getaway, now’s the time to invest in a swimsuit that makes you look good and feel good. Could such an article of clothing actually exist?

I decided to consult an expert: swimsuit model (and former Miss Universe Albania) Angela Martini. This girl can rock a killer bikini – so well, in fact, she decided to put out her own collection (to debut this summer at Miami Swim Week). In the meantime, I caught up with Martini to get some swim solutions for non-swimsuit models (i.e. moi).

Julie Bensman: What’s the number one rule women should follow when buying a swimsuit?

Angela Martini: Don’t choose a swimsuit just because it’s trendy; choose one that fits you and who you are. If it looks good, you’ll make it a trend.

JB: Which styles/colors seem to be universally flattering?

AM: No suit is universally flattering because we’re all different and that’s the beauty of it.  Go for a color that fits your skin tone, whatever helps bring the shine out in you.

JB: Accessories with swimwear: DO or DON’T?

AM: I am obsessed with body jewelry. It adds a sexy element…A definite “don’t” is wearing heels on the beach or by the pool – it’s like wearing heels to the gym! Also, don’t wear too much makeup — beach time is about being naturally beautiful.

JB: If we aren’t exactly in prime swimsuit shape, what are some tips to still feeling confident while wearing next to nothing?

AM: Wear a bikini top with jean shorts or wear bikini bottoms paired with a cute top –  ultimately, it’s all about your attitude. Don’t let the little things ruin your fun this summer. How you see yourself is how others will see you.

JB: What are you looking forward to most this summer?

AM: Presenting my bikini line at Miami Fashion Week; celebrating and enjoying the nice weather; traveling to Europe and places I’ve never been; and letting myself be surprised.