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As part of its ongoing installation series, The Earnest Sewn Co. ( is hosting "A NEW HIVE", an installation at their flagship store in the Meatpacking District of New York City.
Theodora Sopko of Y-3/ adidas Trend Marketing, Carlos Quirarte – Business Development and Strategic Marketing Director of Earnest Sewn, and Derrick Cruz, the mastermind behind the installation

The work takes the current mysterious and alarming en masse disappearance of honeybee colonies as an opportunity to stage a hyperreal environment in which nature and myth return to influence science and industry, causing balance. “The rich folklore and natural history of honeybees inspires an ethereal childlike curiosity in individuals,” said artist Derrick R. Cruz ( “Curiosity leads to contemplation, internalization, and then to genuine concern. I hope A NEW HIVE will help us regain respect for these amazing creatures; after all, almost everything we eat is made possible by bees.”

"Abandoned Comb" by Derrick R. Cruz (work in progress) — 18k Gold honeycomb sculpted by bees from the Brooklyn Bee Apiary. Each piece is cast directly from abandoned honeycomb via "lost wax" process.

This important and timely event draws New York’s attention to the honeybees’ plight — Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) — via project specific apiarian inspired sculpture, drawings, couture, limited edition accessories, curated antiques and live specimens. With this combination, Cruz hopes to begin a visual dialog that will foster a desire to coexist with natural systems rather than exploit them to oblivion.

“Its an optimistic place that will help us consider our role in what is shaping up to be a precarious future,” said Cruz. "A NEW HIVE" hopes to continue as a traveling exhibition touching on mayor cities around the world to incorporate local talent and local beekeeping efforts expanding the reach of its message — the next target cities Los Angeles and Berlin.

The exhibit includes collaborative works by New York’s Derrick R. Cruz, Monica Byrne, Cory Gomberg, Caroline Priebe with Natalie Chanin, Ryder E. Robison. Important participants include Andrew’s Local Honey NY, Bees Without Borders, The Brooklyn Bee Apiary, Green Oasis Beekeepers of New York, Susanne Goetz, Carlos Peña, Death & Company, Flower Girl, Obscura Antiques and PapaBubble Caramels Artesans.

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For more information on the plight of the honeybees, please visit

Photos courtesy of Cynthia Tomansini and Andrea Grant.