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21 Questions with…Designer Monica Botkier

A born and raised New Yorker, Monica Botkier started her career as a fashion photographer before finding her calling as a handbag designer. Best known for her Trigger bag which she created in 2003, Botkier's pieces are now sold the world over in some of the most presitgious department stores and boutiques.

Here the designer answers our 21 questions.

1. The best style tip I ever got was…my mother always taught me to accent what you have with your style. Play up the positives!

2. On a typical Saturday night…my hubbie and I go on date night and have a nice dinner at some foodie joint in Brooklyn or try to catch a movie.

3. The best gift I ever received…was a surprise trip to Belize.

4. My most treasured wardrobe item is…the vintage Chanel dress I wore for my sister's wedding.

5. I would never be caught dead wearing…super short shorts!

6. My first sartorial investment piece was…Robert Clergerie lace up shoes that I stumbled upon in a small shop durng my first trip to Paris with an art program when I was 16. I spent my whole trip allowance on those shoes and loved them madly!

7. The clothing item I currently wear the most often…is Mother jeans, I am in love. Comfortable, chic with some sex appeal — kinda like the perfect bag!

8. My beauty essentials are…Pratima essential oils, Origins tinted moisturizer, Nars lips, and Dior mascara.

9. When I’m getting dressed in the morning I always think…about what my day is going to be like. Meetings, gym day or not, after work plans or rushing home to the kids. I live in Brooklyn and work in Soho so my morning outfit is also my evening outfit! I firmly believe in day to night everything.

10. When I’m looking to get inspired I…love to roam around the city and check out the women here. NYC has some amazingly stylish and confident women to inspire. Also I am a big fan of photography so I will go to galleries and museums when I can.

11. If I could raid one person’s closet, it would be…Kate Moss.

12. Looking back the biggest fashion mistake I ever made was…There are no real mistakes, there are trends that one might fall victim to. Everyone is guilty at some point.

13. When I want to relax I wear…yoga pants and a t-shirt if it's a real dress down moment but I love the ease of Tucker dresses too.

14. The store where I’m pretty much guaranteed to leave with something is…Barneys.

15. My style icon is…Kate Moss again.

16. The tech item I can’t live without is…my iPhone. I finally gave up my Blackberry and can't believe I resisted so long!

17. The city that has the best shopping is…New York. And Paris.

18. Day-to-day you’ll find me wearing…skinny jeans or dress with a blazer. I'm addicted to blazers.

19. Every woman should own these handbag styles…Satchels are the ultimate silhouette for a busy working woman. They really are day to night chic. Crossbody bags are a must for weekends and/or hands-free days. Carry Alls for travel and shopping. New faves Botkier Brando, Lucy, and Jackson for fall. Remember, you are the star in your life, not your handbag. The ultimate accessory is exactly that, the accessory to you!

20. If you look inside my handbag you’ll always find…a makeup pouch, pen, phone, wallet, earphones, and notebook for quick sketches.

21. My biggest fashion pet peeve is…when women wear clothes that don't fit. The key is to be confident and comfortable.