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The Fifty Shades of Grey Effect on Lingerie Sales

If you haven’t heard of the book Fifty Shades of Grey, quite frankly you must have been living on Mars for the past year. Described as Lady Porn, the erotic trilogy novel is being read by just about every female (and probably secretly by their boyfriends too!), including pop star Tulisa (below left) and even Victoria Beckham. In fact, the book is having such an effect on us and in our bedrooms that fashion retailers are currently experiencing a massive surge in lingerie purchases too.

Special Occasion Underwear

As you’ve probably already guessed, industry insiders are now referring to it as the Fifty Shades Effect, but before you start thinking that everybody is suddenly stocking up on bondage-inspired underwear, rest assured that we’re talking about lingerie as a whole. The survey into lingerie sales was officially conducted by laundry specialist Dr. Beckham, and he discovered that nowadays women own around 34 pairs of knickers in comparison to just 12 back in 1999, with almost half of these being ‘special occasion’ knickers.

In hand with Dr. Beckham’s survey, figures released from lingerie retailers such as Victoria’s Secret and La Perla have also shown a significant rise in sales, which is definitely a positive sign for Victoria’s Secret’s international expansion plan with stores opening up in London.

Stella McCartney’s New Lingerie Range

Could Stella McCartney be feeling the Fifty Shades Effect, too? In addition to her usual high-end lingerie line, she’s just announced that a more affordable underwear range will be available very soon. Although the line aims to fulfill our everyday needs, the lingerie will be as elegantly designed as her luxury pieces. Price points are estimated to begin around £25, so all of us Fifty Shades fans can easily stock up.