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Twitterati #Fashion Recap: The Spice Girls Reunite, Supermodels Strut, and Miley Chops Off Her Top Knot

This week on #Twitterati, the Spice Girls closed down the Olympics atop bedazzled taxis while British supermodels strutted in head-to-toe gold. And would you like to know what led Miley Cyrus to pull a Britney and chop off all of her hair? Then keep reading this week's most happening fashion moments, events, and quotes, all according to Twitter's most fashionable and famous elite.

 Who Rocked the Olympics' Closing Ceremony? #TeamSpiceGirls or #TeamSupermodel? 

Image via The Fashion Spot

The Spice Girls totally killed it with their not-so-surprise surprise performance for the Olympics Closing Ceremony. As Styleite put it, "Missed the epic, bedazzled Spice Girls reunion? You're missing out." Not only did Posh and her crew arrive atop a fleet of bedazzled taxis, their reunion was filled with high fashion glamor, including Scary in a Zuhair Murad glittery body suit, Sporty in a chic white ensemble (with pants of course), Baby in a pink space-age number, Ginger in red, and Posh in an all black Giles Deacon number, of course. While the fashion alone was enough to win everyone over, the girls sang a medley of their 90s hits including Wannabe and Spice Up Your Life. Awesome? Guess who agrees.

Kim Kardashian tweeted about the performance, "OMG the Spice Girls!!!! My obsession!" added, "We loved that the Spice Girls stayed true to their signature looks for the Olympics Closing Ceremony." Supermodel Coco Rocha enthused, "This IS what we really really want!  ." After their amazing performance, The Fashion Spot tweeted, "I feel complete now, but I wish that was longer  ." Don't we all. However, not everyone was fortunate enough to watch the live performance. Derek Blasberg tweeted, "Gutted to be on a plane missing the Closing Ceremony's Spice-Girls-meets-supermodel-walk-off. Posh, Baby, Naomi, Kate? It's gay Christmas." Hey Derek — don't lose all hope, as there is always YouTube. 

While the Spice Girls' performance was everything that it could and should have been, how did it compare with the #TeamSupermodel strut? British Harper's Bazaar tweeted, "The Spice Girls are the stars of the show at the , with the supermodels a close second." Do you agree with that sentiment? Surprisingly, most models did not see eye to eye. 

Image via Coco Rocha's Twitter

Even though supermodel Coco Rocha wasn't present at the Closing Ceremony, she was there in Twitter spirit as she tweeted a picture of her beautiful british friends and fellow colleagues: " getting ready for their big moment at the Olympic." Fashion darling, Karlie Kloss tweeted back, " OMG that just made my life. How incredible did they all look?!  :)" 

Supermodel, Anne V added,  "That was pretty sick! So happy  recognized our  and had them be a part of the  making fashion proud!" Karen Elson, who was in fact present at the ceremony, as she is British, tweeted, " I like that this is trending." Which brings us back to our original question: Who took the gold? #TeamSpiceGirls or #TeamSupermodel?

Miley Pulls a Britney — sort of 

Image via Miley Cyrus Twitter

After sending out several ominous tweets regarding the fate of her famous top knot — including, "If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all. my hair is attached to my head no one else's and it's going bye bye :)" — Miley Cyrus took the plunge. 

After showing off her newly cropped hair, Miley went on a tweeting frenzy to let her followers know just how happy she was with her new haircut. "Never felt more me in my whole life ❤,” "someone just told me im prettier than Miley Cyrus," "I feel pretty ohhhh so pretty and gayyyy," were just a few of the several happy things Miley tweeted about after the cut. So now that we know just how happy Miley is with the death of her top knot, how did everyone else react?

Image via Miley Cyrus Twitter 

Predictably, Miley's hair cut dominated the Twitter feeds as everyone and their siblings decided to comment. 

Tennis Champ Serena Williams tweeted, " you are beyond gorgeous. Seriously. Love the look. Xx." Seth McFarlane's Ted (yes the stuffed animal does have a Twitter account) added, "I really like how  is going for the Draco Malfoy look!" 

As for the fashion folks, here is what they had to say: Lucky Magazine's John Jannuzzi tweeted, "miley cyrus getting a haircut. (dramatization)." InStyle's EIC, Ariel Foxman, tweeted his support toward the singer's edgier cut, "Digging  new do."

However, not everyone digged the 'do. Fashion writer and stylist, David Yi tweeted, "OMGOMGOMG MILEY CYRUS AND YOUR HAIR IM FREAKING OUT!!! (Insert McKayla Maroney's side eye here)." A bit harsh?

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