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Vogue has been working together with the fashion and media divisions of IMG modeling agency in their efforts to create a web-based reality modeling show, called Model.Live.

Debuting August 19th on, the on-demand show will chronicle the lives of three young up-and-coming models, depicting lives filled with never-ending go-sees, casting calls and walking in fashion shows all over the world for three months.

IMG has chosen three very different girls, with three different looks and personalities.

Cato Van Ee, is a 19 year old European with some experience, having already walked in Prada and Miu Miu shows in seasons past.


Dubbed the ‘sweet, young, new kid’, by IMG’s Vice President of Development, David Cunningham, model Austria Alcantara is the youngest of the group at just 16.

From the Dominican Republic, Austria has long flowing dark locks and flawless mocha skin.


Madeline Kragh, reminiscent of a darker-haired Agyness Deyn, is 20 years old and from the United States.

The series plans to even display the darker parts of modeling, with minimal censoring. The girls will be shown getting rejected for jobs, and should any issues involving eating disorders, depression and ethnic diversity arise, they too are to be shown and dealt with on camera.

Producing and creating the show cost Vogue close to $3 million. The show is an effort on the magazine’s part, to branch out and reach younger audiences in a more effective way as well as to capitalize on the success of similar fashion-based shows, such as America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, and Make Me a Supermodel – which is produced by IMG as well.

Several bloggers have been sent preview episodes to view exclusively before anyone else. The show’s main sponsor is the American clothing retailer Express. The closets of IMG with thus be filled with Express clothing, and viewers are able linked to the model’s Express ‘looks’ while watching the show. The show is also sponsored by the website

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.