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Twitterati #Fashion Recap: David Beckham’s Bronze Bulge, Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes Face Off at #NYFW and More

This week on #Twitterati, David Beckham was immortalized in his skivvies, Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes will duel it out during #NYFW, and Zara’s sizing comes under attack. For more #Twitterati goodness, keep reading this week’s most happening fashion moments, events, and quotes according to Twitter’s fashionable elite.


Start Taking Bets: The Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes Fashion Week Showdown is Happening 

Victoria Beckham and Katie HolmesThe Huffington Post Celebrity wants to know, “Are Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham ‘frenemies’ now?”

The once-upon-a-time BFFs (remember all those #TomKat-#Posh&Becks double dates?) will be going head to head during one of the most pivotal weeks of their lives, #NYFW. According to, “Victoria Beckham & Katie Holmes are showing collections on the same day of NYFW…Do we smell a celeb designer showdown?”

While nothing sounds better than a face-off between the former Mrs. Cruise and Lady Becks, it’s clear who the safe bet is; Posh is already considered an established designer and Katie is showing her line, Holmes & Yang, for the first time during fashion week next month.

Image: Tom McGourty/


David Beckham Strips Down In Front of Everyone

David Beckham makes one hell of a statue,” tweeted GQ. One can only thank David’s parents, his blessed genetics, and the smart people at H&M for placing giant statutes of Mr. Beckham all over New York as part of its latest ad campaign. Such is the allure and inspiration of Beckham immortalized in his underwear that “people are stripping into their skivvies at the giant David Beckham statues in NYC.” tweeted The fashion site then added, “Those giant David Beckham-in-undies statues placed around NYC by H&M put you right at balls’ level. BALLS’ LEVEL.” How charming.


Image courtesy of H&M

Think the enthusiasm stops there? Think again: the whole fashion and entertainment world has been abuzz due to Beckham’s underwear idol. Pop Sugar exclaimed, “Started the day with a massive statue of  – if only every day began like this!  .” Is there such a thing as too much Beckham full-frontal coverage, however? The Fashion Spot appears to think so tweeting, “David Beckham’s bulge seems to literally be unavoidable these days.”


Zara Doesn’t Indulge American Vanity  

Stylist wants to know, “Are Zara sizes too small for Americans?” According to, “The mass retailer does not participate in America’s ‘vanity sizing‘ which allows us to fit into sizes that are smaller than our actual size.” Which is why we want to know, are you feeling “too chubby for Zara?” (Huffington Post Style).

Choupette Lagerfeld turns 1While it is true that several Americans have and still do prefer roomier sizing (particularly outside the bigger cities), does Zara’s sizing issue become a problem once important fashion personalities start complaining? Fashion’s darling pet Choupette Lagerfeld recently tweeted, “Zara, not even I could fit into some of your clothes.” Enough said.

Speaking of Choupette, the famous pussycat just turned one and yes, it was all caught on Twitter. Choupette’s proud papa Karl tweeted, “Choupette just turned 1!! Happy Birthday!!” Karl included a shot of the fashionably sensible cat with her birthday cake. And yes, it was carb-free.

Image via Karl Lagerfeld Twitter