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New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 Hits and Misses: Part 1 (Forum Buzz)

New York Fashion Week is officially in full swing, and the resident critics in the Fashion Spot forums are busily posting the collections and sharing their thoughts. Some of what we’ve seen so far has been good, and some has been…not so good. Without further ado, here are the hits and misses thus far.

NYFW Spring 2013 Hits - Gary Graham, Thakoon Addition, Rachel Comey

The Hits: Gary Graham, Thakoon Addition, Rachel Comey


Gary Graham

“The more I look at [this collection], the more I love it. The color palette is gorgeous, all the various shapes and silhouettes are really interesting and the fabrics all look beautiful. Love the draping and layering… The blazers and jackets here are just amazing. He's always one of my NYFW highlights; this is just great.” [Psylocke]

“A textile lover's dream. I love the evolved nature of the collection… Definitely moving away from the Victorian element but it still retains that Gary Graham sense of ‘worn life’ and the volumes and cuttings look ever-so contemporary.” [Scott]

“The way the silhouettes are sculpted, the draping, prints and layering are definitely the stars of this [collection]. It reminds me a lot of Dries Van Noten (when he's in the mood for more earthy stuff and if he was into asymmetry of course).” [MulletProof]


Thakoon Addition

“This is the right kind of  'pretty', very spring-y, comfortable, detailed without being cutesy, perfect proportions (loose, right lengths)… the Thakoon I crushed on some years ago.” [MulletProof]

“This is such a wearable, street-friendly collection but still really fun and cool.” [Cicciolina]

“I want to own all the pieces.” [larien]


Rachel Comey

“The prints are gorgeous, and though the entire collection doesn’t really awe me, they're all pieces you just crave for in the middle of summer, and it's totally suitable for a place like New York… I think that's mostly what it reminds me of; New York women who know how to beat the heat in dark palettes and asymmetrical/polished garments.” [MulletProof]

“I adored the prints on this collection… With all those simple but feminine dresses Rachel Comey won my heart again.” [larien]

“Still count me as a Comey fan, her collections always do good by me.” [Desi]


NYFW Spring 2013 Misses - BCBG, Juan Carlos Obando, See by Chloé

The Misses: BCBG Max Azria, Juan Carlos Obando, See by Chloé


BCBG Max Azria

“I wasn't a big fan of those harnesses. The lace was a big disappointment. How many more seasons will it take for everyone to be completely bored of it? The color palette was okay, but I did love the use of coral/pink in here. Definitely loved the white pieces… Nonetheless, it was a pretty lackluster collection from the label. I've definitely seen better.” [Lagerfeldboy]

“I don't mind the harnesses if only they could be done well. These look cheap and are actually useless. Yes they add a graphic touch to the looks but here the first thing you notice is the poor execution.” [Wolkfolk]

Read our review and see images of the BCBG Max Azria collection.


Juan Carlos Obando

“I really don't get these collections.., they're so hopeless.” [MulletProof]

“The colors and prints are way too dramatic for summer. This could easily be a pre-fall collection.” [larien]


See by Chloé

“This is a big old messy mess.” [softgrey]

“Very 1982.” [disco54]

“Love the mint dress on Josephine… but rest of it is just… blah.” [OnlyChicAllowed]

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