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New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 Hits and Misses: Part 2 (Forum Buzz)

The stakes at New York Fashion Week always seem to get higher as the week progresses, so the shows either seem like bigger successes or bigger disappointments. Here are the latest reviews from Fashion Spot forum members on which of the recent collections delighted and which disappointed.

NYFW Hits Pt 2 - Victoria Beckham, Tess GIberson, Alexander Wang

The Hits: Victoria Beckham, Tess Giberson, Alexander Wang


Victoria Beckham

“You have to admire this woman for what she's managed to do with her brand. She's become a very serious contender during fashion week and evolved her style along the way.” [mdankwah]

“This is definitely a very good collection coming from her, she really is evolving from season to season and I do like how she has such a clear vision of what the Victoria Beckham woman looks like. It's very strong in its simplicity and everything looks so beautifully made, I'm impressed.” [Psylocke]

“Understated womanly elegance at its best. The slim tailoring (all those perfect pleats!) is quite impressive. I love the rusty orange versus a typical spring palette; it makes this even more chic to me. Beautifully styled as well, the belts are divine. It hits on all cylinders, definitely one of the best of the week so far.” [HeatherAnne]

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Tess Giberson

“Everything is just so ethereal. Love the tailored pieces and the subtle print-work… and the very quiet abstract collage piece. Very strong collection… very true to Tess' style.” [Scott]

“Ooh, I love the subtle Western theme. Always very sensual and appealing collections from Giberson.” [HeatherAnne]

“I really just love absolutely everything here. I love how coherent the whole collection looks (and not just because of the all-white theme) while every single look is full of amazing details and surprising elements that create different silhouettes and effects thanks to the variety of materials and refined cuts and draping. I could live in this collection; it's perfect.” [Psylocke]


Alexander Wang

“Great show. The presentation is always very strong in his shows, and this was no different. This seems like a step forward for him also. It felt stronger than previous seasons.” [helmut.newton]

“I'm very pleasantly surprised by this. I usually don't expect to love an Alexander Wang collection, and I can only think of one other time when I did, but credit where it's due; these clothes look extremely well made. Considering that this is the guy who made his name doing clothes that looked more styled than actually designed, these clothes are very impressive.” [Spike413]

“Very good and cohesive collection with a good mix of sexy and strong. I am not too fond of the shoes, though they are unique. Some of my favorite pieces are those grey print/cut out knit pieces, and the shirts with zippers were cool!” [Not Plain Jane]

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NYFW Spring 2013 Misses Pt 2 - Prabal Gurung, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Altuzarra

The Misses: Prabal Gurung, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Altuzarra


Prabal Gurung

“That was quite possibly one of the worst collections I've seen this year. The gowns were a complete eyesore. Everything was messy and unflattering. A complete lack of direction, or taste, actually.” [Psylocke]

“What a disastrous collection. What was so bad about this show, and about Prabal actually, is the absolute lack of personality and creative direction. Almost every piece came down with a deja vu feeling attached to it, just a bunch of random stuff thrown in together. Nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing good.” [Marc10]

“This looks to be a HUGE misstep for him. The biggest problem for me is not how haphazard this is, not the similarities to other designers and not the lack of a direction but the fact that he abandoned all of his strengths. He does great, sharp tailoring. He does interesting embellishment on simple pieces. He does a sexy party dress. Why would he go for volume and layers and trailing bits and all of this superfluous crap when none of it is really in his wheelhouse? Also, the prints. Last spring his prints were striking and beautiful, and they worked for the concept. Fall's were interesting but overly-complicated. Now the whole print-on-print thing is just tired and seems like an automatic response as opposed to a well thought out idea.” [Spike413]

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Alexandre Herchcovitch

“This type of 80s is the last thing I want now, cheesy, unbearably colored, ill fitted. The cordiform print is a pure waste of ink.” [Pricciao]

“The checkered print was done much better by Dries Van Noten (circa S/S 09). This is just a mess.” [GERGIN]

“I have a headache from those prints.” [disco54]



“It starts out nice but quickly goes downhill… it’s an amateur attempt of Tom Ford's Gucci with bits of Balenciaga.” [disco54]

“I still haven't figured out his aesthetic, it's so different from season-to-season and his ideas are always heavily borrowed from other designers – I hate when people scream out ‘copycat’ when seeing collections, but with him, I get it. The only thing I've figured out from him is that his muse is Carine Roitfeld, and it's beyond awkward how much every collection looks like her. So maybe that's his aesthetic, the Roitfeld look. Weird, whatever. I actually sort of thought he had potential with his early collections, but this is the nail in the coffin, I'm over it.” [HeatherAnne]

“It felt like jacked up Reed Krakoff at first, and then later, just jacked up.” [Not Plain Jane]

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Images: imaxtree