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Reem Acra Spring 2013 Runway Review

For the first twenty or so looks at Reem Acra, we thought she'd gone and changed her stripes. She's been dipping her toe in the younger market for the past few seasons, most notably in resort, but her strength has always been in eveningwear. A series of underwhelming casual looks opened the show, most featuring cut-outs and leather, but as the show ran on and moved towards cocktail hour it grew stronger with every look.

From a red carpet perspective, the final run of looks was very well rounded. There were more risky pieces that featured panels of semi-sheer fabric running down the sides and more traditional red carpet wares like the embellished penultimate gown. For a designer, it's a tricky place to be. The industry is demanding more ready-to-wear, contemporary lines, but for designers such as Acra, that's so far out of the comfort zone that it's a shock to the system. Acra knows the crowds love her gowns; the designs are tried and tested. When it comes to the more casual pieces, they might be better suited for a diffusion line or capsule collection. As a part of the namesake, the casualwear diluted the rest of the collection resulting in a less enthusiastic reception.