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Chris Benz Spring 2013 Runway Review

During Fashion Week, you always have to look at the collection and then the sum of its parts. Both elements are important to see if the collection has real selling potential or is going to be an editorial success and with Chris Benz's latest showing, he really hit the mark on both accounts. The social media darling, beloved by many hollywood starlets, packed on the layers this season but beneath the unusual styling lay pieces that fans of the brand will be clamouring for come next season. Benz was inspired by a zombie apocalypse and while the inspiration may not be crystal clear in the execution, the lean lines and unusual layering choices definitely gave an air of panic packing to the show.

This is the kind of collection spring wardrobes are made of. Less peacocky customers will flock to the slouchy knitwear, lean silhouettes, and trousers, where as the more outrageous sort will be picking up some of bright and bold prints. The most notable element of this collection wasn't a particular piece or the staging but the price point. It's not often that we speak of price in reviews, unless it's to guess the cost of an especially intricate piece, but Benz announced that he will be lowering the price point of his collection to attract a different customer base. This could prove to be the best and most important move for Benz, because if he can get in below a few of his contemporary peers, he'll be able to capitalize on a market that's dying for designer wares but can't quite justify it.