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Anna Sui Spring 2013 Runway Review

There's a unique excitement to seeing a favorite designer's show live for the first time. I had the opportunity to see my friend go through that exciting career/life moment a few years ago at Anna Sui. Ever since, the designer has held a certain giddy energy for me which is completely appropriate for her fantastical runways. 

Gone were Sui's heavy-handed Victorian references, though there was still a dash of her signature goth in sheer black details sprinkled throughout. It was a more playful, lighthearted rock chick that took the runway for Spring 2013. It was less Ren Faire and more Lilith Fair. There's a lot going on, florals on top of stripes on top of ruffles, but that's a Sui trademark as well, and something she has a singular talent for.

There were some odd silhouettes like ruffly babydoll dresses worn with baggy exposed-zip cropped cargo pants. Sui really embraced the below-the-knee length, doing a ton of cool tights and leggings in the exaggerated crop. They were often paired with the parade of summer dresses every girl is going to want come spring. Flattering silhouettes in exciting and colorful patterns are a seasonal staple and Sui really has one for every girl's taste.

It's really the styling of Sui's runways that can seem unaccessible to some, but if you look at the collection in terms of individual pieces and separates it's much more egalitarian than it appears at first blush. Take the time to have that second look, it's worth it.