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Milly Spring 2013 Runway Review

The Milly customer is somewhat unique. The brand has done a wonderful job placing itself in the market as almost cool enough for the Peter Som customer but cheap enough for the early-twenties set. This season, the Milly girl has gone sporty and while some of the shapes feel a bit too referential for our liking, the collection plays well into the market. With Olympic golden boy Ryan Lochte in the front row, the show's athletic notions weren't out of place. A neon palette contrasted nicely with strong hits of black and white and it was definitely a treat for the eyes. 

The designer was inspired by surrealism and illusions and it was clear that there was more than meets the eye with this collection. There was potential for the collection to slip into Zara-land with the simple printed dresses and clean lines but luckily, Michelle Smith added just enough detail to keep it interesting. As young Hollywood seems to get younger and younger by the day, it's nice to see a brand showing forward designs that wouldn't look out of place on the 14- and 15-year-old starlets gracing the red carpets these days.