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Calvin Klein Spring 2013 Runway Review

Francisco Costa’s Calvin Klein collections have always had an ethereal quality to them and this season he didn't disappoint with exquisite veiled dresses consisting of two layers, the most impressive of which had a strapless white under layer with netting on top.

The designer kept things in neutral colorways with mostly black and white monochrome looks. He relied on texture to create visual interest. Skirt and pant suits worked particularly well and the lineup included some covetable white over-the-ankle pants with a front pleat and black stripe down the side.

Spring 2013's major flaw was recurring circular pointed breast cups – and it didn’t help matters that most of the models in the show were flat chested resulting in looks that seemed somewhat ill fitting. The same could be said for some of the textured and sculptural looks – notably the strapless/bustier dresses. This is not to say that these dresses weren’t beautiful, they were, their beauty was just lost given that they seemed to be drowning the models' petite frames.

On the accessories front, since Calvin Klein isn't hugely known for shoes, it's worth singling out that they hit it out of the park this season with black satin platform pumps with crushed gold heels.