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Josefina Lar caught my attention-ish when Chic Looks alerted her designs to me (where are the wonderful Chic Looks these days…?) but I put it to one side because at the time, angora-textured giant knits and amazing coats weren’t really my bag at the time.


Fashion 156’s new Cloud issue featured her SS08 collection in its shoot to great effect so then I re-visited her A/W 08-09 collection to discover that she managed to do the Marc Jacobs AW08-9 pastel palette (yes, there it is again…) MUCH better in my opinion. 



How has she convinced me?  By injecting a good bit of my beloved navy in there and by making the shapes of the knitwear and coats far more interesting with the addition of mixed textures and fantastic detailing.  Whilst mannish proportions are in play, they are not purposely exaggerated or played up to be menswear and the latent sexy vibe which I’m really keen on for next season is most definitely present in the collection. 


The clothes hold their own in a way that were I to subscribe to pastel tones this winter, I’m more likely to go for Josefina’s use of those ice cream shades in her kick-ass reality-oriented way as opposed to the the subversion of ladylike sobriety that Jacobs has done.  No offense or anything….