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Pringle of Scotland Spring 2013 Runway Review

With the influx of consumer attention on fashion week, the presentations have become more about pleasing the audience than the buyers. Directional shows filled with gimmicks and PR stunts have filled the schedule over the past few seasons and it was only when a brand broke from the norm that we noticed what was wrong. With heritage brands such as Pringle of Scotland, it's been an uphill battle to fight against the emerging set as it's a true departure from the brand values to go anywhere near directional. Last season, the brand tried to compete with its peers on the schedule with a showing under the direction of Alistair Carr. Now that Carr is taking over at McQ, Pringle decided to show without a head designer, instead letting the design team do what they do best, reinvent and reinterpret the brand's signatures. 

In a low-key presentation, the brand demonstrated their commitment to exceptional production and finished looks. With a softer touch, and a well developed point of view, the brand showed a strong front with a collection of wearable, saleable, and ready-to-wear looks that will have buyers racing towards the order sheets. Other brands should take notice.